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Events – Conventions and Seminars

Upcoming Hardy Seminars 2017

As a service to the community of laboratorians, Hardy Diagnostics offers an ongoing program of educational seminars that explores current topics in microbiology and laboratory science. Hardy’s mission is to provide practical information on current technologies, while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Hardy Diagnostics is an accrediting agency and provider of educational programs with the California Department of Health (license #0125).

DateName and Place

Visit Hardy Diagnostics at the Upcoming Tradeshows/Conventions 2017

DateName and Place
January 22-24VWR ASC 2017 Dallas, TX
January 27First Coast ID/CM Symposium St. Augustine, FL
February 21FY17 Lab Mid Year
February 23-25IACP Education Conference
February 23CLMA Georgia
March 3-4Northern California ASM
March 23-25SCACM Spring
March 28-29CLMA Knowledge Lab
March 29-30KSCLS
March 30ASCLS Indiana
April 11bioMarke Arizona
April 11University of Alabama
April 12Auburn University
April 13ASCLS/CLMA IA Spring
April 20-22ASCLS Idaho
April 18VWR University of Louisville
April 20-22ASCLS Idaho Spring
April 24-27VWR bioMarke 2017 Leesburg, VA
May 9-11Food Safety Summit
May 11VWR UW Rotunda
May 15-18bioMarke Canada
May 16-18bioMarke Atlanta
May 19-20Sociedad de Microbiologos
May 22-24NHIA Expo
May 24VWR Alcon
June 1-4ASM
June 10-13Compounders on Capitol Hill
June 14-16APIC 2017
June 19-23bioMarke Los Angeles
June 20-22bioMarke Kansas City
June 26bioMarke Boston
July 10-14bioMarke Colorado/Utah
July 9-11IAFP
July 12VWR/Southeast E&MR
July 30- August 3AACC
October 26-28SCASM 2017
December 3-7ASHP