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FAQ’s About Ordering

Q. How do I order a printed catalog from your company?
A. Call 800.266.2222 to request a printed catalog. For the most up-to-date information about our products, we recommend browsing our online catalog which is updated monthly.
Q. How do I order online from your company?
A. Instructions on how to order online . Start browsing our online catalog.
Q. How do I set-up an account with Hardy Diagnostics?

A. Complete our Customer Set-up Form – Credit Terms.
B. Complete our Customer Set-up Form – Bank Card.
C. Complete our Customer Set-up Form – International.

Hardy Diagnostics will assign your facility with a customer number then contact you. This process usually takes 48-72 hours.

Q. How do I place an order with Hardy Diagnostics?

A. You may place your orders in any of the following ways:

phone: (800) 266-2222
Online Ordering
Ordering Information
Email: Customer Service

Q. Can I use my credit card to pay for this order?
A. Hardy Diagnostics accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.
Q. Doesn’t your system save the credit card number?
A. For reasons of security and for your protection, we do not save credit card numbers in our system for phone orders. For orders placed, using our Customer Portal Online Ordering , your information is stored with our secure credit card processing service,
Q. What will my price be for the product?
A. List price can be found on our online catalog or contact your Account Manager for a price quote.
Q. What if I have a question about my pricing?
A. Please contact your Account Manager .
Q. How can I check on an order that I have already placed?
A. Your Customer Service Representative will be glad to check on your order to verify that your order has shipped or provide you with order status information.
Q. Can you tell me when my order will ship?
A. Orders placed Monday through Thursday before the cut-off time will be shipped out that same day. Most shipments are received the next morning. We usually do not ship orders for refrigerated products on Friday in order to prevent damage to your products during the weekend. See “Ordering Information”
Q. How will my order ship? Which courier do you use?
A. We use many couriers, depending on your location. It may be a local courier or a national courier. We always ship the best way, to provide you with the reliable delivery time at the most reasonable cost.
Q. Can you track my package for me?
A. Your Customer Service Representative will be glad to provide the information for you.
Q. What is Hardy Diagnostics’ Handling charge?
A. There is no handling fee for routine orders. For freight collect or third party shipments, there is a $12.00 service fee.
Q. Does Hardy Diagnostics charge a dropship fee?
  1. For orders that Hardy Diagnostics drop ships there is no fee.
  2. If the order is dropped from one of our vendors, then there is a $12.00 fee.
Q. What is the Minimum Shipping Fee?
A. Our minimum shipping fee is $16.00, except for “will call” orders picked up from any of our warehouses. This policy does not apply to products which are drop shipped from the manufacturer (e.g., MicroBioLogics control organisms). See “Ordering Information” for a complete listing of shipping fees.
Q. I placed my order yesterday and I still have not received it. What could have happened to it?
A. There are several factors that can play a part in a delayed shipment. Any order received after our cut-off time will ship the following day. We do not ship out refrigerated items on Friday. Also, there could be a delay because of inclement weather. We would be happy to track your order for you.
Q. Can I return the product that I received by mistake?
A. Returns are coordinated through Customer Service and will require a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA), which must accompany returned products. If the return is due to customer error, the return is subject to a 25% restocking charge. Returned products must be received at Hardy Diagnostics in original condition within 7 days of receipt. Products that require frozen or refrigerator storage are not returnable. Notification to Hardy Diagnostics must be communicated to Customer Service within 5 business days of receiving the product to be considered for credit or replacement. Your Customer Service Representative can provide you with information on returnable products. See “Ordering Information” for a complete explanation of our warranty and return pricing.
Q. Can I set up a standing order?
A. Yes, we highly encourage standing orders to ensure availability. Simply call 800.266.2222 and we can get your standing order processed.
Q. Can I make a change to my standing order?
A. Yes. Please inform us no less than 15 business days in advance of the shipping date.
Q. Why wasn’t I notified of a backorder?
A. You should be notified at the time you are placing your order. You may contact a Hardy Diagnostics Customer Service Representative for an update at any time. If you use our Customer Portal, Online Ordering an email will notify you of backorders and another email will be sent when your backorder ships.
Q. What is a Hazmat Fee?
A. When shipping hazardous materials, our carrier, Fedex Ground, imposes an extra charge per box. Hazard materials will be packaged separately, in accordance with the Department of Transportation regulations. The Hazmat fee is $30.00 per box.
Q. What if my products arrive damaged?
A. Call 800.266.2222 and speak to a Customer Service Representative.
Q. How can I get technical assistance?
A. Email Technical Service, call 1-800-266-2222 ext. 5658, or utilize our HUGO Techical Assistance Manual on CD. In addition we have most HUGO documents on our website. Click on “More info” then “View” under Technical Information, after you call up the product on our web catalog.
Q. How can I sign up for the monthly Microbiology Newsletter (“Microbytes”)?
A. Use the sign up box in the left hand column of the home page of our website.
Q. How can I access past issues of your newsletter?
Q. What is the maximum number of days to request a proof of delivery?
A. All requests for proof of delivery must be made within 90 days of the invoice date. After 90 days, goods will be considered delivered “to the customer’s receiving dock” as invoiced.
Q. What is Hardy Diagnostics’ back order policy?
A. At the time we process your order, we will charge the entire freight charge for items ordered (including back ordered items). No additional charges or handling fees will be billed when the back ordered items are shipped. “Freight collect” and “third party billing” orders are excluded.
Q. What are your days of operation or holiday schedule?
A. Hardy Diagnostics observes New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.
Q. What is your “Made to Order” policy?
A. If the item you are ordering has a minimum order quantity or must be made specifically for you as a custom order, please plan for and allow the final ship quantity to be 10% more or 10% less than your original order.
Q. What is Hardy Diagnostics’ policy regarding pricing discrepancies?
A. Pricing on purchase order must match the current customer quote in our system. Any pricing discrepancies will result in our placing the purchase order on hold until the price discrepancy is corrected. Once the pricing on the purchase order matches the quote in our system, the order will be placed.