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Make Better Stains- Gram Stain Advanced Kit

Weak staining is a leading cause of misidentification of bacteria. Gram Stain Advanced will increase your confidence by offering improved and enhanced Gram reactions for both Gram positive and Gram negative organisms.

positivenegative gram stain

Create vivid Gram positives

Gram positive organisms retain their deep blue stain; even those that are easily decolorized, such as Bacillus spp. You don’t need to worry about over decolorizing.

Save time

No mixing or breaking of ampules is required. All stains are ready-to-use and have a two year shelf life from date of manufacture.


Differentiate mixed cultures

When mixed on a slide, Gram positives and negatives will be easier to distinguish, due to an overall brighter stain.

Brighten Gram negatives

Gram negative organisms will appear brighter with better definition at the edges. The stained cells are less likely to be over-washed. Anaerobes, especially Fusobacterium spp. will be a darker red than with conventional stains. You will also notice a marked improvement with other Gram negatives, such as Neisseria spp.

DescriptionPricingPack Size
Gram Stain Advanced™ Kit (4x250ml bottles)GK400AEA
Advanced Crystal Violet, 250ml bottleC008AEA
Advanced Crystal Violet, one gallonC128AEA
Iodine, Stabilized Gram’s, 250ml bottleI008EA
Iodine, Stabilized Gram’s, one gallonI128EA
Advanced Counterstain, 250ml bottleS008AEA
Advanced Counterstain, one gallonS128AEA
Decolorizer, Fast, 250ml bottleD008FEA
Decolorizer, Fast, one gallonD128FEA

No Mess...No Stress!

Tired of doing your Gram staining by hand? Interested in learning more about automatic Gram Staining? Be sure to look at the QuickSlide Automated Gram Staining and Hematology Instruments.

Technician with GramPro 1 Automated Gram Stain Slide Staining Instrument