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It’s the start of something great. Hardy Diagnostics is proud to welcome our HealthLink customers into a new partnership.

Our way of doing business isn’t just about selling you products. We’re a 100% employee owned company. Every single owner here at Hardy believes in creating committed partnerships.

Our goal is to make this transition from HealthLink over to Hardy as effortless as possible. Below are some essential resources for you that will provide the support you will need as a customer of Hardy Diagnostics.

How to Order

There are three ways to order: (1) Online at, 24 hours/day and 7 days/week; (2) By phone: 800-266-2222 option 1; and (3) By email: [email protected] Hardy Diagnostics generally does not ship out refrigerated items on Friday, unless a Saturday delivery is required. The deadline for same day shipments is 1:30 p.m. for all U.S. time zones (except 11:30 a.m. for Hawaii and 12:30 p.m. for Alaska).

Have the following information ready when calling: Your Account Number, Your “Ship To” Address, Catalog Number, Description of Item, and Quantity of Item.

Order all culture media by the package, not by the unit. For example, order ten packages of Blood Agar, Cat. no. A10, when 100 plates are needed.

Customer Service. To meet your ordering needs, including setting up a standing order, Customer Service is available by Phone: 805-346-2766 or 800-266-2222; Email: [email protected] .

Technical Support. To answer your technical questions, Technical Support is available by Phone: 805-346-2766 or 800-266-2222; Email: [email protected] .

Business Hours. Hardy Diagnostics business hours are 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

FDA Licensed Medical Device Manufacturer. Hardy Diagnostics is registered with the FDA – registration number 2022807.

Ordering Process. Where credit is extended, the ordering process follows these steps. First, you, the customer, place an order online or by email, phone. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is also an option. Second, Hardy Diagnostics ships the goods and sends an invoice back to you. Third, you receive the inventory and send a check or authorize an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to Hardy Diagnostics. Please pay from the invoice, as no statement will be sent.

Shipping and Handling Charges. The most current shipping and handling charges are as follows:

Minimum shipping charge:$17.00
Minimum order:none
Routine handling charge:none
Third party and freight collect fee:$13.00
Microbiologics shipping fee (hazardous):$62.00 ($36.00 if for third party or freight collect)
COD fee (collect on delivery):$14.50 (no fee for third party or freight collect)
Hazardous material fee:$35.00 (up to four of the same item)
Vendor drop ship fee:$12.00
Saturday delivery fee:$17.00 per box (no fee for third party or freight collect)
International handling fee:$30.00 per order
Restocking fee*:25% of the product being returned
Non-sufficient funds fee (returned checks):$25.00

*Subject to conditional pre-approval and requires an RGA.

Delivery Zones. Hardy Diagnostics maintains 2 manufacturing plants and 9 distribution centers across the U.S.: (1) Santa Maria, California (manufacturing and distribution); (2) Olympia, Washington; (3) Salt Lake City, Utah; (4) Phoenix, Arizona; (5) Dallas, Texas; (6) Springboro, Ohio (manufacturing and distribution); (7) Lake City, Florida; (8) Albany, New York; and (9) Raleigh, North Carolina. The 1 or 2 day ground delivery zones are indicated on our distribution centers map . Orders placed before 1:30 p.m. for all time zones (except Hawaii and Alaska) are usually processed and shipped out the same day. Most orders are received the next morning. By same day shipping, Hardy Diagnostics generally achieves one or two day ground delivery.


HealthLink to Hardy Diagnostics Cat. no. Conversion Table

HealthLink Cat. no.Item DescriptionHardy Diagnostics EquivalentHardy Diagnostics Description
01057PA. BAUMANNII01057PA.baumannii, MBL; ATCC BAA-1605, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0119PA BAUMANNII0119PA.baumannii, MBL; ATCC BAA747, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0131KN. MUCOSA0131KN.mucosa, MBL; ATCC 49233, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0134PS. SAPROPHYTICUS0134PS.saprophyticus, MBL; ATCC BAA750, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0135KS. MALTOPHILIA0135KS.maltophilia, MBL; ATCC 49130, KwikStik
0136KS. THERMOPHILUS0136KS.thermophilus, MBL; ATCC 19258, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0146KS. AUREUS0146KS.aureus, MBL; ATCC BAA976, Kwik-Stik, 6/pkg
0147PS. AUREUS0147PS.aureus, MBL; ATCC BAA977, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0231KE. COLI0231KE.coli (O157:H7), MBL; ATCC 700728, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0231PE. COLI0617PEscherichia coli (O157:H7), ATCC® 35150™, DuoPak (KWIK-STIK™ 2/pk
0303KS. SONNEI0303KS.sonnei, MBL; ATCC 25931, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0306KE. AEROGENES0306KE.aerogenes, MBL; ATCC 13048, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0306PE. AEROGENES0306PE.aerogenes, MBL; ATCC 13048, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0318KC. PERFRINGENS0318KC.perfringens, MBL; ATCC 13124, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0318PC. PERFRINGENS0318PC.perfringens, MBL; ATCC 13124, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0320PB. FRAGILIS0320PB.fragilis, MBL; ATCC 25285, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0335KE. COLI0335KE.coli, MBL; ATCC 25922, KwikStik
0335PE. COLI0335PE.coli, MBL; ATCC 25922, DuoPak
0345KS. ENTERITIDIS D0345KS.enteriditis (GrpD), MBL; ATCC 13076, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0345PS. ENTERITIDIS D0345PS.enteriditis (GrpD), MBL; ATCC 13076, DuoPak
0351PK. PNEUMONIAE0351PK.pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 13883, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0352PS. AUREUS NURSE STRAIN0352PStaphylococcus aureus, reco. For CAMP test, ATCC® 33862™, DuoPak
0353KP. AERUGINOSA0353KP.aeruginosa, MBL; ATCC 27853, KwikStik
0353PP. AERUGINOSA0353PP.aeruginosa, MBL; ATCC 27853, DuoPak
0356PS. FLEXNERI TYPE 2b0356PS.flexneri, MBL; ATCC 12022, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0360KS. AUREUS0360KS.aureus, MBL; ATCC 25923, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0360PS. AUREUS0360PS.aureus, MBL; ATCC 25923, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0363PS. TYPHIMURIUM0363PS.enterica, MBL; ATCC 14028, DuoPak
0365KS. AUREUS0365KS.aureus, MBL; ATCC 29213, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0365PS. AUREUS0365PS. aureus, MBL; ATCC 29213, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0366KE. FAECALIS0366KE.faecalis, MBL; ATCC 29212, KwikStik
0366PE. FAECALIS0366PE.faecalis, MBL; ATCC 29212, DuoPak
0367PE. FAECALIS0367PE.faecalis, MBL; ATCC 19433, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0370KS. AGALACTIAE0370KS.agalactiae, MBL; ATCC 13813, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0371KS. EPIDERMIDIS0371KS.epidermidis, MBL; ATCC 12228, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0378PN. GONORRHOEAE0378PN. gonorrhoeae, MBL; ATCC 19424, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0380PS. PNEUMONIAE0380PS.pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 6303, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0388KE. CLOACAE0388KE.cloacae, MBL; ATCC 35030, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0388PE. CLOACAE0388PE.cloacae, MBL; ATCC 35030, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0392PA. BRASILIENSIS0392PA.brasiliensis, MBL; ATCC 16404, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0412PS. EPIDERMIDIS0412PS.epidermidis, MBL; ATCC 14990, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0425PC. ALBICANS0425PC.albicans, MBL; ATCC 60193, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0429KN. GONORRHOEAE0429KN. gonorrhoeae, MBL; ATCC 43069, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0432KP. MIRABILIS0432KP.mirabilis, MBL; ATCC 43071, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0432PP. MIRABILIS0432PP.mirabilis, MBL; ATCC 43071, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0435PS. PNEUMONIAE0435PS.pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 27336, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0436KS. AGALACTIAE0436KS.agalactiae, MBL; ATCC 27956, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0441KH. INFLUENZAE(B)0441KH.influenzae, Type b, MBL; ATCC 10211, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0443PC. ALBICANS0443PC.albicans, MBL; ATCC 10231, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0444PT. RUBRUM0444PT.rubrum, MBL; ATCC 28188, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0447PS. PNEUMONIAE0447PS.pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 6305, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0454KN. MENINGITIDIS0454KN.meningitidis(TypeB),MBL; ATCC 13090, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0459PP. VULGARIS0459PP.vulgaris, MBL; ATCC 6380, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0481KC. JEJUNI0481KC.jejuni, MBL; ATCC 33291, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0484PP. AERUGINOSA0484PP.aeruginosa, MBL; ATCC 9027, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0485PS. AUREUS0485PS.aureus, MBL; ATCC 6538, DuoPak
0486PB. SPIZIZENII0486PB.subtilis subsp spi, MBL; ATCC 6633, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0495KE. COLI0495KE. coli, MBL; ATCC 35218, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0495PE. COLI0495PE.coli, MBL; ATCC 35218, DuoPak
0626PK. OXYTOCA0626PK.oxytoca, MBL; ATCC 49131, DuoPak
0627PP. PUTIDA0627PP.putida, MBL; ATCC 49128, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0628PS. EPIDERMIDI0628PS.epidermidis, MBL; ATCC 49134, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0631PS. GALLOLYTICUS0631PS. gallolyticus, MBL; ATCC 49147, DuoPak
0632KS. PNEUMONIAE0632KS.pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 49136, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0632PS. PNEUMONIAE0632PS. pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 49136, DuoPak
0638PS. HALIOTIS0638PS.haliotis, MBL; ATCC 49138, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0640KP. VULGARIS0640KP.vulgaris, MBL; ATCC 49132, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0640PP. VULGARIS0640PP. vulgaris, MBL; ATCC 49132, DuoPak
0641PR. INSIDIOSA0641PR.insidiosa, MBL; ATCC 49129, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0642PM. CATARRHALIS0642PM.catarrhalis, MBL; ATCC 49143, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0644PH. INFLUENZAE0644PH.influenzae, MBL; ATCC 49144, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0645KA. APHROPHILUS0645KA.aphrophilus, MBL; ATCC 49146, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0645PA. APHROPHILUS0645PA.aphrophilus, MBL; ATCC 49146, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0646KN. LACTAMICA0646KN.lactamica, MBL; ATCC 49142, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0646PN. LACTAMICA0646PN.lactamica, MBL; ATCC 49142, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0647KH. INFLUENZAE0647KH.influenzae, MBL; ATCC 49247, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0648PN. GONORRHOEAE0648PN.gonorrhoeae, MBL; ATCC 49226, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0691PP. VULGARIS0691PP.vulgaris, MBL; ATCC 8427, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0761KE. CASSELIFLAVUS0761KE.casseliflavus, MBL; ATCC 700327, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0761PE. CASSELIFLAVUS0761PE.casseliflavus, MBL; ATCC 700327, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0784KK. PNEUMONIAE0784KK.pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 700603, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0795KE. COLI0795KE.coli, MBL; ATCC 43888, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0795PE. COLI0795PE. coli, MBL *; ATCC 43888, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0804KM. LUTEUS0804KM.luteus, MBL; ATCC 49732, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0804PM. LUTEUS0804PM. luteus, MBL; ATCC 49732, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0852KS. AUREUS (FOR MRSA TEST)0852KS.aureus, MBL; ATCC 43300, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0857PE. RAFFINOSUS0857PE.raffinosus, MBL; ATCC 49464, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0860PE. COLI0860PE.coli, MBL; ATCC 51755, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0879PP. STUARTII0879PP.stuartii, MBL; ATCC 49809, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0881PS. SAPROPHYTICUS0881PS.saprophyticus, MBL; ATCC 49907, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0947KS. PNEUMONIAE0947KS. pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 49619, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0957PK. PNEUMONIAE0957PK.pneumoniae, MBL; ATCC 33495, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0959KE. FAECALIS0959KE. faecalis, MBL; ATCC 51299, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0959PE. FAECALIS0959PE.faecalis, MBL; ATCC 51299, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0973KA. LWOFFII0973KA.lowffii, MBL; ATCC 17925, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0973PA. LWOFFII0973PA.lwoffii, MBL; ATCC 17925, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0975PP. AERUGINOSA0975PP. aeruginosa, MBL; ATCC 35032, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0979KS. PYOGENES 30979KS. pyogenes, MBL; ATCC 12384, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0979PS. PYOGENES 30979PS.pyogenes, MBL; ATCC 12384, DuoPak, 2/pkg
0981KC. ALBICANS0981KC.albicans, MBL; ATCC 66027, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0982KC. KEFYR0982KC.kefyr, MBL; ATCC 66028, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0986KC. GLABRATA0986KC.glabrata, MBL; ATCC 66032, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0987KC. UNIGUTTULATUS0987KC.uniguttulatus, MBL; ATCC 66033, KwikStik, 6/pkg
0994PS. PYOGENES0994PS.pyogenes, MBL; ATCC 49399, DuoPak, 2/pkg
100215VRBG AGARG178Violet Red Bile w/Glu USP; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
100216TERGITOL 7 AGAR w/ TTCG58Tergitol 7 Agar w/TTC; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
100217STANDARD METHODS AGARG43Standard Methods Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1008BCYE AGAR PLATEG07BCYE Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1010BIGGY AGAR PLATEG17BiGGY Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1012BILE AESCULIN AGARG11Bile Esculin Azide Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1013BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGARA20BHI Agar w/Blood; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1014BRILLIANT GREEN AGARG75Brilliant Green Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1018CELLULOSE AGAR MOD.W83Cellulose Agar, Modified; HDx 15x100mm plate R
1020CHOCOLATE AGARE14Chocolate Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plt 10/pk R
1024CLED AGARG223CLED Agar; HDx,15x100mm plt 10/pk *R
1026CNA W/ 5%A50Columbia CNA Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1027CSN AGAR plate, creatine sucroseCALLCall for price quote
1028CORNMEAL W/.01% CHLOR.CALLCall for price quote
1029CORN MEAL AGARW10Corn Meal Agar w/Tween 80; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1030CZAPEK YEAST AGAR (CYA)W117Czapek Yeast Agar; HDx 15x100mm R
103203SAB DEX Lec & TW 80P46SabDex w/L&T; HDx,15x65mm Contct Plt *R
1033DG-18 AGAR 100mm MONOW85DG-18 Agar; HDx 15x100mm R
1034DTMJ350Derm-Duet Biplate; HDx, 15×100 biplate R
1043EMB AGARG25EMB Levine Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1047ELLIKER AGAR, PlateCALLCall for price quote
1055GLYCEROL NITRATE, 25%, AGAR PlateCALLCall for price quote
1062HEKTOEN AGARG63HE Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1079M ENTEROCOCCUS AGARG228m-Enterococcus Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plt 10/pk*R
1080m FC AGARG126m FC w/1% Rosolic Acid; HDx, 15x60mm plate R
1081M HPC AGARG95m-HPC Agar Deep; HDx, 15x60mm plate
1084MACCONKEY W/ SORBITOLG36MacConkey Agar w/Sorbitol; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1085MALT EXTRACT w/.01% CHLORW80Malt Extract Agr w/0.01%; Chloram HDx 15x100mm R
1087MACCONKEYG35MacConkey Agar, USP; HDx, 15x100mm plt 10/pk R
1088MALT EXTRACT AGAR MEAW28Malt Extract Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1090MANNITOL SALT AGAR (MSA)G40Mannitol Salt Agar, USP; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1095MARTIN LEWIS AGARE39Martin Lewis w/Lincomycin; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1097MODIFIED LETHEEN AGAR IIG221Mod Letheen Ag; HDx, 15x100mm plate, R
1099MILK AGARCALLCall for price quote
1100MODIFIED THAYER MARTINE30Thayer Martin Mod. Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1103MUELLER HINTONG45Mueller Hinton Agar, 28ml; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1104MUELLER HINTON 100MM W/5%A59Mueller Hinton Agar w/Blood; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1106MUELLER HINTONH11Mueller Hinton Agar, 15x150mm Large Plate
1107MUELLER HINTON W/5% SBH21Mueller Hinton Agar w/Bld; HDx, 15x150mm plate, R
1108m E AGAR, E faecalis Selective agar, 12ml, 60mm plateG228m-Enterococcus Agar, 15x100mm plate,
1109MYCOBIOTIC PLATESW50Mycobiotic Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1115NUTRIENT AGAR PLATEW51Nutrient Agar Plate; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1116OATMEAL AGAR PLATECALLCall for price quote
1118OXFORD AGAR MODIFIEDG46Oxford Medium, Modified; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1123PHENYLETHANOL AGAR PEAA93PEA w/5% Sheep Blood; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1127POTATO DEXTROSE AGARW60Potato Dextrose Agar,USP; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1129POTATO DEXTROSE/.01%CHLORW94BXPDA w/Chloramph; HDx,15x100mm plt,100/BX*R
1130PSEUDOMONAS ISOLATIONG219Pseudomas Isolation Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate, R
1133R2A AGARG54R2A Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1137SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGARW70Sabdex Agar, USP; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1139SAB DEX w/16ug/ml chlor &W74SabdexAgar w/Chlor&Tetra; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1141SS SALMONELLA-SHIGELLAG50SS Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate, R
1142MYP AGARG147MYP Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1143STANDARD METHODS AGARG43Standard Methods Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1146STREP SELECT AGARA70Selective Strep Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1148STREP SELECT QUADA70Selective Strep Agar plate, MONO, 15x100mm(quad not available)
1158TRYPTICASE SOY AGARW64Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA), 26ml, 15x100mm plate
1159TSA LP80G41TSA w/Lec & Tween, USP; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1160TSA 5% TRYPTICASE SOY AGARA10Blood Agar, 5%; HDx, 15x100mm plt 10/pk R
1163TSA 5% AGAR W/ SXTA72Selective Beta Strep Agar, for Group A Strep only, 15x100mm plte
1169BISMUTH SULFITE AGAR PlateC5211CRITERION, Bismuth Sulfite, 500gm powder (plates have short shelf life)
1175DG-18 IIW85DG-18 Agar; HDx 15x100mm R
1176V AGARA80V Agar, G. vaginalis; HDx, 15x100mm plate * R
1178MEA IIW80Malt Extract Agar with 0.01% Chloramphenicol, deep fill, 15x100mm
1187XLD AGARG65XLD Agar, USP; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1193BIRD SEED AGARG213Caffeic Acid Agar; Bird seed, HDx, 15x100mm plate * R
1194BCYE w/ GVPC w/o CYSTEINEW76BCYE w/GPCV, 26ml; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1197BCYE W/VPCW79BCYE with VPC, Selective, 15x100mm Plate R
1198BCYE W/GVPCW169BCYE w/GPCV, 26ml; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1199BCYE W/O CYSTG108BCYE Agar w/o Cysteine; HDx, 15x100mm plate * R
1205BCYE / BCYE W/O CYSTEINE BiplateJ61BCYE / BCYE without Cysteine Biplate, 15x100mm biplate
1220CNA 5% / MACCONKEYJ62CNA/MacConkey Agar; HDx,15x100mm biplate R
1221CNA / LEVINE EMB 10/PKGJ52CNA Agar/EMB Agar; HDx, 15x100mm biplate R
1267TSA 5% / CHOCOLATEJ42Blood Agar, 5%/Chocolate; HDx, 15x100mm biplate R
1272TSA 5% / E.M.B.J22Blood Agar, 5%/EMB Agar; HDx, 15x100mm biplate R
1280TSA 5% / MACCONKEYJ32Blood, 5%/MacConkey; HDx,15x100mm biplate R
1420-MBLVBDx M, Selective Strep/Staph (DNA) biplateCALLCall for price quote
1442TSA 5%/EMB/XLD/CITRATE URJ71Blood/EMB/XLD/Citrate Quad plate
1443TSA 5%/EMB/XLD/CITRATE URJ71Blood/EMB/XLD/Citrate Urine Quad plate, 15x100mm
1450TSA 5%/EMB/MSA/MYCOBIOTICJ79Blood/EMB/Mannitol Salt/Mycobiotic Quad Plate, 15x100mm
1492Czapek YA/MEA 2%/Creatine Sucrose/DG-18J78Czapek YA/MEA/Creatine Suc./DG-18 Quad plate, 15x100mm
1502BULLSEYE URINE, 5 section dishJ71 + G45Blood/EMB/XLD/Citrate Quad plate, and Mueller Hinton 100mm Plate
1512BULLSEYE URINE INTROPAKJ71 + G45Blood/EMB/XLD/Citrate Quad plate, and Mueller Hinton 100mm Plate
1603TSA W/ LEC + TWEEN 80 100ml BR BottleU417TSA w/Lec & Tween, 100ml
1608LAURYL SULFATE DBL STR.K32Lauryl Tryptose Broth, DS; HDx, 20x125mm tube
1611SAB DEX BROTHK54Sabdex Broth; HDx, 16x125mm tube
1620Std Methods Agar/TERGITOL wTTC BiplateMC100Nutrient Agar +TTC/MacConkey dip paddle, by Solar
1633SABROUD DEXTROSE AGARU474SabDex Agar, USP, 250ml PC btl bottle, 100ml fill
1635TSB W/ LP80U133TSB, USP, 90ml; HDx, 8oz wide mouth jar
1642SAB DEX W/LEC & TW 80P46SabDex w/L&T; HDx,15x65mm Contct Plt *R
1643TSA 5% TRYPTICASE SOY AGAP33Blood Agar 5%, CP; HDx,15x65mm Contct Plt R
1647SABOURAUD 500mlU270Sabdex Agar, USP, 200ml; HDx, 500ml PC Bottle
1661TSA TRYPTICASE SOY AGARP34TSA w/Lec & Tw, USP; HDx,15x65mm Contct Plt R
1662MODIFIED LETHEEN BROTH IIU293Letheen Broth,Mod.; HDx, 8oz WM jar 12/pk R
1665MEA 0.01% CHLORAMPHENICOLP80Malt Extract Agr w/0.01%; Chloram, Contct Plt R
1677MOD LETHEEN BROTH, 250ml, PP 16 oz wide mouth botlU415Modified Letheen Broth, 250ml, 16oz wide mouth jar, 10/box
1685URI-I.D. CLED/EMBMC400Dipslides, Solar-Cult® CLED Agar/EMB Levine Agar
1687D/E NEUTRALIZING BROTHU75D/E Neutralizing Broth; HDx,180mL WM jar,90ml R
1691BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BR.K66Brill. Grn Bile Brth,10ml; HDx,16x125mm w/Durhm Tube
1697D/E NEUTRALIZING BROTHK108D/E Neutralizng Brth,10ml; HDx, 16x125mm tube R
1699THIOGLYCOLLATE w/ H & KK24Thio w/H&K, 10ml; HDx, 16x125mm tube
1711BHI BROTH W/ 6.5% NACLK49Salt Broth with Indicator, 2ml
1714BIGGY TUBES 10\BXR21BiGGY Agar Slant (Nickerson’s Agar), 3ml, 13x100mm tube
1716BILE ESCULIN SLANTL10Bile Esculin Agar Slant, BEA, 16x100mm tube
1718BRAIN HEART INFUSION BHIR20BHI (Brain Heart Infusion) Broth, 5ml, 13x100mm GLASS tube
1719SIMMONS CITRATEL80Simmons Citrate Agar Slant, 10ml, 16x100mm GLASS tube
1720BHI AGAR SLANTS 10MLL35BHI (Brain Heart Infusion) Agar Slant, 10mL, 20x125mm GLASS tube
1728DTM WIDE MOUTHX15DTM (Dermatophyte Test Media) Agar Slant, 7.5ml Slant
1729DTM WIDE MOUTHX15DTM (Dermatophyte Test Medium) Agar, plastic HardyFlask™
1738JEMBEC MOD THAYER MARTINE31Martin Lewis with Lincomycin, 24ml, 15x100mm CO2 pill pocket, includes pills and bags
1740JEMBEC – STREP SELECTA150StrePlate™, Selective Strep Agar Plate with CO2 pill pocket, 15x100mm, with bags and CO2 pills
1742KLIGLER IRON AGARR70KIA (Kligler Iron Agar) Slant, 4.5ml fill, 13x100mm GLASS tube
1743LYSINE IRON AGARR22LIA (Lysine Iron Agar) Slant, 4.5ml, 13x100mm GLASS tube
1745TRIPLE SUGAR IRON AGARR32TSI (Triple Sugar Iron) Agar Slant, 4ml, 13x100mm PC tube
1747UREA AGAR SLANTR42Urea Agar Slant, 3ml, 13x100mm GLASS tube
1748BLOOD AGAR SLANTL12Blood Agar, 5%, Slant, 5.5ml, 16x100mm GLASS tube
1751MYCOBIOTIC AGAR SLANTL45Mycobiotic Agar Slant, 10ml, 20x125mm GLASS tube
1754MYCOBIOTIC 9ML WIDE MOUTHX30Mycobiotic Flask, 12ml, 20/box
1755NUTRIENT AGAR SLANTL20Nutrient Agar Slant, 5.5ml, 16x100mm GLASS tube
1756MALT EXTRACT AGAR SLANTL128Malt Ext Agr w/0.01% chl; HDx, Slant,16×100 tube,R
1757LACTOSE BROTH 225 mlU146Lactose Broth, 225ml; HDx, 12 oz WM jar
1761SABOURAUD DEXTROSE SLANTSL40Sabdex (Sabouraud Dextrose) Agar Slant, 10ml, 20x125mm GLASS tube
1763SALINE 5ml 10/BXK59Saline, 0.85%, 5ml, 16x100mm tube
1768SIM MEDIA TUBESQ30SIM Medium, 8ml, 16x100mm GLASS tube
1771STANDARD METHODS AGARQ21Standrd Methds Ag,Dp 18ml; HDx, 20x125mm tube
1772TETRATHIONATE BROTH 10mlK65Tetrathionate Broth; HDx, 16x125mm tube, * R
1774MOTILITY TEST MED +TTCQ11Motility w/ TTC Medium, 8ml, 16x100mm GLASS tube
1775THIOGLYCOLLATE 10ml W/OK29Thioglycollate without indicator, 10ml, 16x125mm GLASS tube
1776THIOGLYCOLLATE 10ml W/INDK282Fluid Thioglycollate, 10mL fill, 16x125mm GLASS tube with needle-port hungate cap
1777LAURYL TRYPTOSE BROTHK33Lauryl Tryptose Broth, SS; HDx, 20x125mm tube
1778NUTRIENT BROTH 5mlK43Nutrient Broth, 5ml, 15x103mm PC tube
1784TSA SLANTL60Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) Slant, 5.5ml, 16x100mm GLASS tube
1785TRYPTICASE SOY BROTH 2mlR31Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB), 2ml, 13x100mm PC tube
1787TRYPTICASE SOY BROTH 5mlR30Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB), 5ml fill, 13x100mm PC tube
1789TRYPTICASE SOY BROTH 10mlK82Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB), 10ml, 16x125mm GLASS tube
1789DSTSB 10ml Dbl StrU225TSB,USP,DS, 25ml; HDx, 4oz BR glass bottle
1790SALT BROTH TSB 6.5% NaClK126Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) with 6.5% NaCl, 5ml, 15x103mm PC tube
1796TRYPTICASE SOY BROTH 5mlK89Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB), 5ml fill, 15x103mm
1801EC MEDIUM 7ml w/DTK63EC Broth, SS; 10ml, HDx,16x125mm tube,w/DT R
1802EC MEDIUM w/MUG 7mlK64EC Broth w/MUG, 10ml; HDx,16x125mm w/DurhmTb R
1803MODIFIED LETHEEN BROTH IIK293Letheen Broth Modified; HDx,16x125mm tube 20/pk R
1807LIM BROTHL57LIM Broth, 5ml fill, 15x103mm PC tube
1828MACCONKEY BROTHK194MacConkey Broth w/DT, 5ml; HDx, 15x103mm tube R
1837FRASER BROTHU57Fraser Broth Base, 225ml; HDx, 16 ounce PC bottle R
1845LAURYL TRYPTOSE BROTHK33Lauryl Tryptose Broth, SS; HDx, 20x125mm tube
1851MACCONKEY BROTHK194MacConkey Broth w/DT, 5ml; HDx, 15x103mm tube R
1855BUTTERFIELDS BUFFERU190Butterflds Phos.Buf 500ml; HDx, 500ml PC bottle
1860FLUID D PEPTONEU115Fluid D, USP, 1 liter; HDx, Narrow Mouth PC Btl
1868POTATO DEXTROSE AGARL90Potato Dextrose,USP,Slant; HDx, 20x125mm tube
1877FLUID A PEPTONEU436Fluid A, 200mL; HDx, 8oz BR btl 12/pk
1878SALINE 1ml 100/bxK248Saline, 0.85%, 1ml, 15x103mm PC tube, 20 tubes/box
1893LACTOBACILLI MRS BROTHK15Lactobacilli MRS Broth; HDx,16x125mm tube R
1900LIM BROTHL57LIM Broth, 5ml fill, 15x103mm PC tube
1902BUTTERFIELDS PHOS BUFFU123Butterfield’s Phos.Buffer; HDx, 500ml PC WM btl, 225ml
1915RAPPAPORT VASSILIADIS BRK246Rapp-Vass, USP; HDx, 16x125mm tube R
1918FLUID D PEPTONE + Tween , 100ml, 4oz PP bottleU413Fluid D with Tween, 100ml, 4oz bottle, 12/box
1931NUTRIENT BROTHK43Nutrient Broth, 5ml; HDx, 15x103mm tube
1943SALINE 0.85% 10mlK51Saline, 0.85%, 10ml; HDx, 16x125mm EP tube
1956BCYE AGAR SLANTSL24BCYE Slant, 20 tubes/box
1958MODIFIED MRS AGARG117Lactobacilli MRS Agar, 15x100mm plate
1961TAT BrothK179TAT Broth, 3ml; HDx, 16x125mm tube
1963TAT BrothD077Dilu-lok, 90ml, irradiated, hinged flip top, 50/box
1966LETHEEN AGARG42Letheen Agar Plate; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
1967REINFORCED CLOSTRIDIUMU172Reinforcd Clostridial,USP; HDx,100ml fill, 4oz Boston Round, R
1973Saline 0.85K59Saline, 0.85%, 5ml; HDx, 16x100mm tube
1975Saline 0.85 w/TWEENU330Saline & Tween80; HDx,Serum Btl 100ml 20/pk
2021AN-30 AMIKACIN EA.Z8011Amikacin,AN-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2031AM-10 AMPICILLINZ8031Ampicillin,AM-10; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2061AMC-30 AUGMENTIN EA.Z8021Amoxicillin/ClavAcd,Augmentin, AmC30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2070AZM-15 AZITHROMYCINZ8051Azithromycin,AZM-15; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2080B-2 BACITRACIN EA.231267Bacitracin, B-2, 1×50 disks, BD, (not for Strep testing)
2101CB-100 CARBENICILLIN EA.Z8115Carbenicillin,CB-100; HDx,HardyDisk,5x50disks F
2121CEC-30 CEFACLOR EA.Z8121Cefaclor,CEC-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2125CFM-5 CEFIXIME EA.231663Cefixime,CFM-5; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2126FOX-30 CEFOXITIN EA.Z8241Cefoxitin FOX-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2128CTX-30 CEFOTAXIME EA.Z8221Cefotaxime,CTX-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2130CAZ-30 CEFTAZIDIME EA.Z8271Ceftazidime,CAZ-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2131CRO-30 CEFTRIAXONE EA.Z8311Ceftriaxone,CRO-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2133CXM-30 CEFUROXIME EA.Z8321Cefuroxime,CXM-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2136CPD-10 CEFPODOXIME EA.231673Cefpodoxime,CPD-10; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2151CF-30 CEPHALOTHIN EA.Z8331Cephalothin,CF-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2181C-30 CHLORAMPHENICOL EA.Z8341Chloramphenicol,C-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2211CIP-5 CIPROFLOXACIN EA.Z8361Ciprofloxacin,CIP-5; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2218CLR-15 CLARITHROMYCIN EA.Z8371Clarithromycin,CLR-15; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2251CC-2 CLINDAMYCIN EA.Z8391Clindamycin,CC-2; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2311D-30 DOXYCYCLINE EA.Z8445Doxycycline, D-30; HDx,HardyDisk,5x50disks F
2345ENROFLOXACIN ENO-5 EA231717Enrofloxacin 5mcg, ENO-5; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2351E-15 ERYTHROMYCIN EA.Z8471Erythromycin,E-15; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2401GM-10 GENTAMICIN EAZ8541Gentamicin,GM-10; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2420IPM-10 IMIPENEM EA.Z8575Imipenem,IPM-10; HDx,HardyDisk,5x50disks F
2468L-2 LINCOMYCIN EA.231302Lincomycin, L-2, 1×50 disks, BD
2526MEM-10 MEROPENEM231703Meropenem, MEM-10; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2528MET-80 METRONIDAZOLE EA.231604Metronidaz.,MET-80; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2533MI-30 MINOCYCLINE EA.231250Minocycline,MI-30; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2571NA-30 NALIDIXIC EA.Z8735Nalidixic Acid,NA-30; HDx,HardyDisk,5x50disks F
2591N-30 NEOMYCIN EA.230882Neomycin,N-30; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2600LVX-5 LEVOFLOXACINZ8611Levofloxacin,LVX-5; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2611F/M-100 NITROFURANTOIN EAZ8791Nitrofurantoin, 300mg HardyDisk AST
2621F/M-300 NITROFURANTOIN EAZ8791Nitrofurantoin,FM-300; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2705OFX-5 OFLOXACIN EA.Z8841Ofloxacin,OFX-5; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2715OX-1 OXACILLIN EA.Z8851Oxacillin,OX-1; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2722T-30 OXYTETRACYCLINE231342T-30 Oxytetracycline, BD, 1/50 disks
2751P-10 PENICILLIN EA.Z8881Penicillin,P-10; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2752TZP-110 PIP/TAZOBACTAMZ8915Piperaclln/Tazobac,TZP110; HDx,HardyDisk,5x50disks F
2760PIP-100 PIPERACILLIN EA.Z8905Piperacillin,PIP-100; HDx,HardyDisk,5x50disks F
2780RA-5 RIFAMPIN EA.231541Rifampin,RA-5; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
2801SXT SULFA/TRIMETHOPRIN EAZ9011Sulfa/Trimeth,SXT25; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2811G-.25 SULFISOXAZOLE EA.Z9075Sulfisoxazole,G-0.25; HDx,HardyDisk,5x50disks F
2851TAXO A/CART 231042 EAZ7021Bacitracin 0.04 unit; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks R
2871OPTOCHIN TAXO-P CARTZ7011Optochin, P disk for Strep pneumo, HardyDisk; HDx, 50/cart, 1 each R
2901TE-30 TETRACYCLINE EA.Z9121Tetracycline,Te-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2931NN-10 TOBRAMYCIN EA.Z9171Tobramycin,NN-10; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2951TMP-5 TRIMETHOPRIM EA.Z9181Trimethoprim,TMP-5; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
2980VA-30 VANCOMYCIN EA.Z9241Vancomycin,Va-30; HDx,HardyDisk,1x50disks F
3003COAGULASE PLASMA RABBITZ202Coagulase Cryo™, frozen rabbit plasma, 0.5mL fill, 2mL vial
3018CIN AGAR/ YERSINIA SELECTG20CIN Agar, 15x100mm plate
3070PETRI DISH 100x15mm MONO330120Petri Dish 100x15mm*; Parter 20/bag
3101-MBLVBiCUL R, Blood agar/CLED+bile biplateJ65Blood/CLED+bile Biplate, 15x100mm
3103-MBLVBiCUL S, CNA+Esc/HE BiplateJ67CNA+Esc/HE Agar biplate, 15x100mm
3134MUELLER-HINTON & SENSI0335P, 0360P, 0353P, 0366PMultiple organisms from MBL
3137STREP QC KIT0385P, 0439PS. pyogenes, 19615 Duo pack; S. agalactieae, 12386 Duo pack, MBL
3161C. ALBICANS0379PC.albicans, MBL; NCYC 1363, DuoPak
3163E. FAECALIS0336PE.faecalis, MBL; NCIMB 13280, DuoPak
3164E. COLI0335PE.coli, MBL; ATCC 25922, DuoPak
3164-5E. COLI0335PE.coli, MBL; ATCC 25922, DuoPak
3168K. PNEUMONIAE0573PK.pneumoniae, MBL; NCTC 9633, DuoPak, 2/pkg
3176P. AERUGINOSA0598PP.aeruginosa, MBL; NCIMB 12469, DuoPak
3179S. AUREUS0312PS.aureus, MBL; NCIMB 12702, DuoPak
3179-5S. AUREUS 5/PK0312PS.aureus, MBL; NCIMB 12702, DuoPak, 2/pkg
3181S. EPIDERMIDIS0571PS.epidermidis, MBL; NCIMB 8853, DuoPak, 2/pkg
3184S. AGALACTIAE (B)0710PS. agalactiae, MBL; NCTC 9993, DuoPak
3184-5S. AGALACTIAE (B)0710PS.agalactiae, MBL; NCTC 9993, DuoPak
3187S. PYOGENES (A)0314PS. pyogenes, Duo pack, NCIMB 13285, MBL
3187-5S. PYOGENES (A)0314PS. pyogenes, Duo pack, MBL
3195MCFARLAND STANDARD 0.5ML05McFarland Latex Equiv 0.5; HDx, 16x100mm tube, 8ml
3210DISPENSER SINGLE PL260457Disc dispsr Single,Metal; BD, 1ea
3211DISPENSER SINGLE PL260457Disc dispsr Single,Metal; BD, 1ea
3263E. FAECALIS0714PE.faecalis, MBL; NCTC 13379, DuoPak, 2/pkg
3281E. COLI0495PEscherichia coli, beta lactamase prod., ATCC® 35218™, DuoPak (KWIK-STIK™
3281-5E. COLI0495PEscherichia coli, beta lactamase prod., ATCC® 35218™, DuoPak, 2 Pack
3416BBL PROMPT KIT226306Prompt Kit for Kirby Bauer testing, 60 tests
3425CO-2 GENERATOR KITCO2BAGCarbon Dioxide Tablet*; HDx, 10/pkg, w/zip bag
3426CO-2 GENERATOR KITAG020CPouches for CO2Gen Compact, 6 x 13 inches, holds 4 dishes, 20/box
3429CO-2 GENERATOR INDIVIDUALCD020CCO2Gen Compact,CO2 generator for bags, 20 sachets only, use with AG020C pouches, pouches and clips sold separately, by Oxoid
3431S. AUREUS0713PS.aureus, MBL; NCTC 12973, DuoPak, 2/pkg
3451GRAM STAIN CONTROL SLIDESZ302Q-Slide, gram, 5/box
3460INOCULATING LOOPS 10 EA.HST10FSPLoops,10ul,blue,flex,cal; HDx, 50/tube, irradiated
3466CO-2 GENERATOR TABLETSCO2BAGCarbon Dioxide Tablet; HDx, 10/pkg, w/zip bag
3475S. AGALACTIAE0709PS.agalactiae, MBL; NCIMB 701348, DuoPak
3475-5S. AGALACTIAE0709PS. agalactiae, MBL; NCIMB 701348, DuoPak, 2/pkg
3485OXIDASE VIAL KITZ119OxiDrops,oxidase test,7ml; HDx,1/2oz dropper btl R *
3489OXIDASEZ119OxiDrops,oxidase test,7ml; HDx,1/2oz dropper btl R *
3514DTM POSITIVE CONTROL0894PMicrosporum canis, ATCC® 36299™, DuoPak, KWIK-STIK™ 2 Pack
3540CO-2 GENERATORCD025ACO2Gen, carbon dioxide generatr, for 2.5L jar, 10 sachets only, Oxoid
3592GASPAK EZ ANAEROBE SYSTEMAN010CAnaeroGen Compact; Oxoid,w/pouches,10 sachets
3845PHENOL RED BROTH W/Y316Phenol Red w/Sucrose; HDx,16x125mm tube,w/DT R
3897BAIRD – PARKER AGARG96Baird Parker Agar; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
3899CETRIMIDE AGARG18Cetrimide Select Agar USP; HDx, 15x100mm plate R
3990PETRI DISH 150x15mm MONO3525NPetri Dish, 150x15mm; Parter, 120/cs
400250PHOSPHATE BUFFER 7.2pH, 9ml, 16x125ml tubeK146Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), 9.0ml, pH 7.5, 16x125mm tube,
4302UTM-RT W/SWABS302CHLUTM RT with Swabs, 50/box
4330UTM-RT330CHLUTM RT Transport, 50/box
4811SSK Butterfields Buffer2583004PDBSESK® Environmental Sampling Kit, Butterfield’s Solution, 4ml, sterile, polystyrene handle, polyester tip, 50 per box, by Puritan
5062PMICROSCAN: DRY NEGATIVE5062PMicroScan,Dry Neg/&QC Set; MBL, DuoPak, 2/pkg
5063PMICROSCAN: DRY POSITIVE5063PMicroScan, Dry Positive; MBL, DuoPak, 2/pkg
5123CART/ CZ-30 CEFAZOLINZ8141Cefazolin,CZ-30 DISCONT; SEE Z8145
5135CEFDINIR 5MC231713Cefdinir, CDR-5, 1 cartridge, 50 disks, by BD
5599XNL-30 CEFTIOFUR291255Ceftiofur,XNL-30; BD,1 cartridge,50/disks F
7-657JEMBEC G.C. SYS MLE31Martin Lewis Agar; HDx, pill pocket, with CO2 tablets and bags R
7-657-MLMARTIN LEWIS G.C. SYSTEME31Martin Lewis Pill Pocket Plate, includes CO2 tablets+bags, 15x100mm
811010BIOCASSETTE MEA II 5/PKGCALLCall for price quote
88-0901TSA 5% SHEEP BLOODA10Blood Agar, 5%; HDx, 15x100mm plt 10/pk R
M-0420LINERLESS CAPS 15m/m-41515415BCap, PP, Black, 16mm; Comar, linerless, 1000/cs
M-4300TEST TUBE 16 X 125mmM165Test Tube, Flint,16x125mm; Chase,1000/cs,round btm *
M-6150BOX 16 X 100 TUBE(100PK)A16100Empty glass tube, 16x100mm, with PP cap, 1,000/box
M-7200PARTITION TUBE 100 CELLRR25Ready rack, 80 cell for 16×125 and 16x100mm
TR-7051DTM WIDE MOUTHL27DTM Slant, 7.5ml fill, 10ml vial
TR-7052BIGGY AGAR VIALR21Biggy Slant, 3ml 13x100ml tube
TR-8010DTM WIDE MOUTHX15DTM (Dermatophyte Test Medium) Agar, plastic HardyFlask™
V110ANAEROBIC BLOODA30Brucella Agar w/H&K; HDx, 15x100mm plate * R

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