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Special Update, April 2009

flu bug

Of course this mysterious flu that you and everyone else has caught is totally harmless, Mr. Bell.

on the Swine Flu

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How can I detect, transport, and control the Swine Flu?
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Here at Hardy Diagnostics we have received many phone calls from customers asking about the products that we carry for the detection and transport of viruses.

We intend to keep you informed about the status of this worldwide epidemic as we partner with you to control its spread.

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The Outbreak Continues

ear temp

A health care worker taking the temperature of a passenger boarding an airplane in Taiwan.

Although the numbers are rapidly climbing, the WHO has not yet declared the Swine Flu a pandemic.

So far, there have been 149 deaths due to the Swine Flu in Mexico, where 1,995 victims of this flu have been hospitalized. All schools in Mexico have been closed until May 6th.

The CDC reports, as of 1pm EST on Monday, that there have been 40 confirmed cases in the US., mostly in New York City and Southern California.

The Swine Flu is a type of Influenza A that contains a combination of genetic material from birds, pigs, and humans. What makes this recent outbreak so dangerous is that it appears to be spread from human to human.

The USDA has assured the public that it is still safe to continue to eat pork.

Hand washing remains one of the most important means of infection control. In addition, the Mexican government is warning its citizens not to kiss or shake hands upon greeting.

Mexican girl

A young girl taking precautions on the streets of Mexico City.