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November, 2012

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Rapid ID of Gram Positive Cocci



StrepQuick provides a valuable aid in the identification of gram positive, catalase negative cocci.

Through the use of three tests (PYR, LAP, and Esculin) it will help identify within 10 minutes:

  • Aerococcus viridans

  • Aerococcus urinae

  • Enterococcu

    s spp.

  • Gemella hemolysans

  • Gemella morbillorum

  • Leuconostoc


  • Pediococcus


  • Streptococcus pyogenes

    (group A)

  • Streptococcus agalactiae

    (group B)

  • Streptococcus

    , group D

  • Streptococcus pneumoniae

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Showing results for

Enterococcus faecalis.

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How can I identify

Streptococcus anginosus


This gram positive cocci, formerly known as

Streptococcus milleri

, can be the cause of endocarditis, septicemia, oral infections, and deep tissue abscesses.

This organism can be very difficult to identify, since the small colonies on Blood Agar can be alpha, beta, or non-hemolytic. Also, they may exhibit the Lancefield antigens A, C, F. or G.

Hardy’s Rapid Anginosus Kit helps to identify this organism within four hours.

rapid anginosus

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Try out

our teasers!

Guaranteed to frustrate you!


for better growth

of anaerobes

Pre-reduced Media


When compared to two other popular brands a

recent study


AnaeroGRO™ media demonstrated superior performance for all strains tested on Brucella,

BBE, and LKV. Colonies were larger and more luxuriant, sometimes appreciably so. Large,

more robust colonies can offer a distinct advantage when working with mixed anaerobic


More information

on AnaeroGRO

Complete catalog

of anaerobe supplies


a sample for evaluation

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“Fly off the handle”

Joan with axe

When we get really angry, we are often told not to “fly off the handle”, as Joan Crawford did in the 1964 movie ”

Strait Jacket


This phrase dates back to when everyone had to chop wood in order to heat their homes. If an older ax was used, there was a chance that the ax blade could “fly off the handle” and wreak havoc upon whomever it would hit. So chill out, Joan!

fly off

No…this is not what it means!

~ ~ ~

Think about it…

The Thinker

* Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?

* Why is it that no plastic bag will open from the end on your first try?

* How do those dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?

* Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that’s falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?

* In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as it was in summer when we complained about the heat?

* * *

Wisdom to ponder…

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh

1902 ~ 1974

At 25, “Lucky Lindy” became the first to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean  (from New York to Paris, France). He later became well known as an author, explorer, inventor, and social activist.

“I believe the risks I take are justified by the sheer love of the life I lead.”

“I realized that If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes.

In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia. Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization.”

“It’s the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without a plane.”

“The financial system has been turned over to the Federal Reserve Board. That board administers the finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money.”

“Science is insulating man from life – separating his mind from his senses. The worst of it is that it soon anesthetizes his senses so that he doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“Whether outwardly or inwardly, whether in space or time, the farther we penetrate the unknown, the vaster and more marvelous it becomes.”


* * * * *

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Definition of egotist

“A person of low taste, more interested in himself than in me.”

Ambrose Bierce

I love me

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Micro Musings..

Cartoon - Nov 2012


fish with lemon

Do fish get antibiotics when they get sick?

Can you vaccinate a fish?

How will we ever feed the hungry when

25% of our farmed fish are dying?

Is something fishy here?

Sick fish

~ ~ ~


FDA warnings

Ruptured Tendons

and the use of Cipro

achilles tendon

The FDA has issued warnings on the use of Cipro and similar antibiotics due to the increased risk of tendonitis and tendon rupture.

These warnings apply to fluoroquinolones (FQ), which include brand names such as; Cipro, Proquin, Levaquin, Floxin, Noroxin, Avelox, and Factive.

In 2008, The FDA has told manufacturers that the drugs must now carry “black box” warnings alerting doctors and patients that the drugs can increase risk of tendonitis and tendon rupture in some patients. Fluoroquinolones have carried similar warnings for years, but officials say they continue to receive reports of safety problems.

A “black box” warning is the FDA’s sternest warning.

Most of the tendonitis and tendon ruptures affect the Achilles tendon, behind the ankle. But the agency has also received reports of tendonitis and ruptures in the shoulder and hand.

A case control study performed using a UK medical care database found that fluoroquinolone use was associated with a 1.9-fold increase in tendon problems. The relative risk increased to 3.2 in those over 60 years of age and to 6.2 in those over the age of 60 who were also taking corticosteroids.

Patients at greatest risk are those over 60, those taking corticosteroids, and those who’ve undergone heart, lung, or kidney transplants are also at increased risk of tendon rupture or tendonitis if they take fluoroquinolones.

The ruptured tendons have been known to happen within days of initiation of therapy to several months after termination of therapy.

Researchers don’t know exactly what fluoroquinolones (FQ)  do that promotes tendon rupturing. Theories suggest the drug may impede collagen formation or interrupt blood supply in joints.

Over the course of a seven-year period ending in December 2005, the FDA had received reports among FQ users of:

  • 262 tendon ruptures,
  • 258 cases of tendonitis,
  • and 274 other instances of tendon problems

according to Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, which filed a law suit against the FDA for not providing adequate warnings to patients and their physicians.

More information

from the FDA

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Vulnerable Achilles Heel

Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan war, was said to be invulnerable in all parts of his body except for his heel.  To prevent his death, the young Achilles was taken to the river Styx by his mother, which was supposed to offer powers of invulnerability, and dipped his body into the water. But as she held Achilles by the heel, his heel was not washed over by the water of the magical river. Achilles grew up to be a man of war who survived many great battles. But one day, a poisonous arrow shot at him by his rival, Paris, was lodged in his heel, killing him shortly thereafter.

* * *


69% contamination rate

Yersinia Found in Pork

pig nose


onsumer Reports recently released a study that showed that out of 198 samples of pork chops and ground pork tested, 69% were contaminated with

Yersinia enterocolitica.

Yersinia enterocolitca

is an intestinal pathogen that causes fever, cramping, and watery or bloody diarrhea.

Y. enterocolitca

can come from cattle, pigs, deer, or birds, which can be asymptomatic carriers.

In humans, the disease is usually self-limiting and requires no treatment. Complicated or severe cases can be treated with doxycylcine in combination with an aminoglycoside.

The study also revealed that 4% of samples were contaminated with


, and 3% with



Especially alarming is the fact that


contamination is not typically monitored in the meat industry.

This represents another reason to thoroughly clean all food preparation utensils and cook pork at a minimum of 145 deg. F (160 deg. F for ground pork).

More information



can be selectively isolated on the culture medium

CIN Agar

, which contains the selective agents: cefsulodin, irgasan, and novobiocin.

Y. enterocolitica

colonies will exhibit a deep red color with a darker “bulls eye” center, due to its ability to ferment the carbohydrate, mannitol.

More information.

* * *

Optical oddities…

Optical Ill Nov 2012

Stare at planet earth

and take a trip through the tunnel!

“Believe half of what you see

and none of what you hear.”

~ Marvin Gaye

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Should stores be open on Thanksgiving Day?


For the first time, many stores opened their doors to bargain hunters on Thanksgiving Day, thus shattering the tradition of waiting until “Black Friday” to accommodate the hoards of holiday shoppers.

Among the over 200 stores that opened

at least part of Thanksgiving are

: Banana Republic, Kmart, Sears, Starbucks, Target, Toys’R’Us, Walgreens, and Walmart; despite the threats of boycotts and employee walk-outs.

But not all stores agree about opening on Thanksgiving. Some of the hold-outs were

Macy’s, Best Buy, JC Penneys, and Kohl’s


Not all are happy about this breach from tradition. “It shows that the companies are not valuing their workers. They’re looking to their workers to squeeze out more profits,” said Carrie Gleason, director of Retail Action Project.

Take our survey and share your thoughts with your fellow MicroBytes readers.

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Are severe storms, such as Hurricane Sandy, partially caused by an increase in man-made greenhouse gases?

Hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy left over 7.5 million people without electricity, produced waves up to 40 feet high, and caused the deaths of 140 people (60 in the Caribbean).

It is estimated that the damage and loss of economic activity caused by this storm totals close to $50 billion; making it one of the most, if not the most destructive storm in American history.

Are man-made greenhouse gases partially to blame?

Find out

what the MicroBytes readers had to say about this one…


Rubes - Nov 2012

Find more

of Leigh Rubin’s cartoon humor.

Jogging Your Funny Bone


“My doctor told me that jogging could add years to my life. He was right. I feel ten years older already.”

Milton Berle

“The only reason I would take up jogging is so I could hear heavy breathing again.”

Erma Bombeck

“I get all the exercise I need acting as a pallbearer to my friends who exercise.”

Chauncey Depew

“The trouble with jogging is that by the time you realize you’re not in shape for it, it’s too far to walk back.”

Franklin Jones

“I have flabby thighs,

but fortunately my stomach covers them.”

“I have to go jogging early in the morning, before my brain figures out what I’m doing.”

“For every mile you jog, you add one minute to your life. This enables you, at the age of 85, to spend an additional five months in a nursing home at $5,000/month.”

Shampoo Warning!

shampoo woman

I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out sooner…

I use shampoo in the shower.

When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and printed very

clearly on the shampoo bottle label is this warning:



No wonder I have been gaining weight!

Well…I got rid of that shampoo and I am going to start showering with Dawn dish-washing soap instead. Its label reads:




Problem solved!

* * *