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QuickSlide™ Automated Slide Stainers

QuickSlide Header Image of HemaPRO with Technician

Hardy Diagnostics is proud to offer QuickSlide, our line of automated slide stainers
for Gram Staining and Hematology.

    • The QuickSlide™ HemaPRO – The world’s most consistent, versatile, and durable blood smear slide stainer.
    • The QuickSlide™ GramPRO 1 – Automatically adjusts staining for sample thickness, has individual preference controls for color intensity and is operator friendly. Eliminates inconsistencies due to technician variations.
    • The QuickSlide™ GramPRO 80 – QuickSlide’s flagship instrument- the GramPRO 80 can hold up to 80 slides at a time and can stain 60+ slides per hour. The GramPRO 80 utilized patented electronic sensors to ensure slide is consistently stained regardless of thickness or sample type.
    • Contact us to receive more information about the QuickSlide™ product line.
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DescriptionPricingPack SizeTechnical InformationVideo
QuickSlide™ HemaPROQS-001EAviewWatch
QuickSlide™ GramPRO 1AGS-1000EAviewWatch
QuickSlide™ GramPRO 80MGS-80EAviewWatch
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