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Heroes of History

Historical events and heroes of the microbiology community

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Howard Walter Florey, the first manufacturer of penicillin
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Howard Florey: The Man Who Was First to Make Penicillin

Saving lives during WWII Howard Walter Florey was a famed pathologist and pharmacologist from Australia known for being one of
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Heroes of History

Hans Christian Gram: The inventor of the Gram stain

Hans Christian Gram, credited as the inventor of the Gram staining technique, was a pioneering biologist who devised the system
Heroes of History

The Life of Louis Kelso: Father of the ESOP

“There is no future for those who cannot or will not think.” (Louis O. Kelso, In Lectures and Conversation) Louis
Heroes of History

Hardy Diagnostics aboard the ISS!

In total silence, a nearly 463 ton marvel is traveling at 17,000 miles per hour, but it garners little attention
Heroes of History

Chronic Wasting Disease in Cervids

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), is a fatal prion infection affecting free-ranging and captive cervid herds. Cervids are hooved ruminant mammals
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Hardy Diagnostics Celebrates Employee Ownership

October was Employee Ownership Month. Hardy Diagnostics, a 100% Employee-Owned medical device company, is celebrating with activities throughout the month,
Heroes of History

Antibiotic Resistance in Vietnam

Antibiotic resistance is of widespread concern and is particularly critical in developing countries, like Vietnam, where there is a higher
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The Life of Robert Koch

At the age of five, Robert Koch astounded his parents by telling them that he had taught himself to read
Heroes of History

Serogrouping of Strep:The Legacy of Rebecca Lancefield

Some species of streptococci are unique in that they are classified or grouped according to the antigenic structure of their
Heroes of History

Honoring one of the greatest antibiotic researchers… H. Boyd Woodruff

Boyd Woodruff was the son of an East Coast farmer whose ground-breaking research served as a lynch pin for fellow
Heroes of History

Hardy Diagnostics Makes the Inc. 5000

Inc. Magazine has once again included Hardy Diagnostics in their list of 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the United
Heroes of History

Louis Pasteur: Innovator Who Continues to Inspire

Early Life: Louis Pasteur is, simply put, a continued source of inspiration for chemists and microbiologists around the world. His
Heroes of History

Bleeding Glaciers and Autotrophic bacteria

No, Blood Falls is not the newest Norwegian metal band, but it is actually a naturally occurring geologic wonder.  Blood