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October, 2010
The CRITERION™ bottle was completely re-designed to include better seals and a more sturdy opaque plastic bottle.
June, 2010
A new onsite 1,200 square foot gym is provided for the Hardy employees to compliment its “Fit Friendly” workplace philosophy.
May, 2010
The AnaeroGRO™ line of pre-reduced culture media is released in December. AnaeroGRO™, with oxygen-free packaging, is designed especially for the growth of clinically significant obligate anaerobic bacteria.
April, 2010
A new line of products for the molecular biology researcher is created, known as “CulGenex™”, which includes LB Agar and Broth, buffers, salines, and electrophoresis gels.
March, 2010
AloeSure™, the new, safe, natural, and effective hand sanitizer is released for those who want to avoid putting dangerous chemicals on their hands.
February, 2010
Many new products are released from the R&D department, such as: Acinetobacter Media, Rapid Anginosis Kit, Rapid Ornithine Broth, and HardyCHROM™ ESBL.
January, 2010
A new distribution center is opened in Lake City, Florida in order to provide next day service to customers in Georgia and Florida. Now there are seven distribution centers in the nationwide network, providing fast service to Hardy Diagnostics customers.The plate pouring line is automated further with the addition of a robotic bagger and label... Read more »