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January, 2023
Urinary tract infections (UTI) are considered to be one of the most common bacterial infections worldwide.(1) The most common uropathogen causing uncomplicated UTIs is Escherichia coli.(2) Extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli (ExPEC) strains cause UTIs via the intestine-stool-urethra route.(3) Recent studies have found that ExPEC strains are distinct from other intestinal pathogenic and normal commensal E. coli strains.(3) Further analyses of... Read more »
September, 2022
Coffee drinkers beware… Does coffee lead to increased risk of dementia and stroke? Moderation is best! Coffee, with over 22 billion pounds consumed annually, is without a doubt one of the most popular drinks worldwide. (1) Many of us wake up each morning and seek energy from this bitter bean as it provides a high... Read more »
June, 2022
Many parents in the United States are reeling from the effects of an outbreak of Cronobacter sakazakii in powdered infant formula. Between September 2021 and January 2022, four cases of Cronobacter infections in infants were reported to the FDA. In each case, the infants were fed powdered formula from Abbott Nutrition.(1) Cronobacter sakazakii (formerly genus:... Read more »
January, 2022
Sushi and sashimi are a complex meal to prepare and distribute due to the nature of multiple lightly prepared vegetables and raw meats, which may harbor various pathogens.
September, 2021
Why We Inspect Food Before Consumption, From Contamination to Cause We have all heard the phrase, “The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” While taking that concept with a grain of salt, most people would not want their appetite spoiled with the thought of consuming rotten or tainted food. In the United... Read more »
March, 2020
In the United States, approximately 2.8 million people are infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB) every year resulting in billions of dollars in healthcare costs and approximately 35,000 deaths (1,2). About 80% of antibiotic use in the United States comes from the agriculture industry, particularly in the husbandry of cattle and poultry. While antibiotics are... Read more »
March, 2018
Kombucha, an effervescent beverage originating in Asia, has received much attention lately in the neutraceutical and alternative health industries as being an anti-carcinogenic, fermented tea. It is believed to help regulate the gut microbiome, aid in metabolism and cell proliferation, increase detoxification, and help protect the liver. Kombucha originated in China over 2,000 years ago... Read more »
February, 2018
Bananas are the world’s most exported fruit and have become a dietary staple for many people and cultures. Of the 114 million tons produced annually, 85% are produced for consumption in the United States [1]. Unfortunately, the most popular fruit in the world may be under threat by a lethal fungal disease. Fusarium wilt of... Read more »
June, 2017
In late April of this year, there was an outbreak of botulism due to contaminated nacho cheese at a gas station outside of Sacramento, California. The issue is no longer a threat, as the lot of cheese has been recalled and was discarded on May 5, 2017. However, the outbreak took its toll on nine... Read more »
February, 2017
Since 1947, when the first drive-through restaurant was opened by Sheldon “Red” Chaney in Springfield, Missouri[1], the term “fast food” has become a staple of the American vocabulary.  McDonalds, Burger King, White Castle, In & Out, and Taco Bell: all of these have become so monolithically important to everyday life, that many can recite the... Read more »
September, 2015
In 2008, a deadly Salmonella outbreak in peanut butter ran unbridled across 46 states. Its deadly rampage was responsible for nine deaths as well 714 confirmed cases of illness. This number is considered extremely conservative as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) often state that for every reported case of Salmonella another 38... Read more »
September, 2015
There are a few things you definitely want with your cucumbers. Ranch (obviously), Hummus (alternatively awesome), a cheesy artichoke dip (ok now I’m just hungry), but there is one thing you definitely do not want in your vegetable snack…. Salmonella. On September 5th, 2015, the FDA release a statement that Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce voluntarily... Read more »