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Fitting together like Puzzle Pieces!

Fitting together like Puzzle Pieces!

Great news from VWR’s Americas Sales Conference. We are extremely proud to announce that Hardy Diagnostics was awarded the 2016 VWR Life Sciences Supplier of the Year Award!

In 2013, Hardy Diagnostics signed an agreement with the well known scientific supplier. Hardy Diagnostics now offers more than 2,100 of its culture media products and microbiology systems through this distribution channel to the industrial and research microbiology labs. Hardy’s TapTight™ contact plates and the CulGenex™ molecular biology reagents are sold exclusively through VWR.

Over the years, we at Hardy Diagnostics have happily strengthened our relationship with VWR and are honored to be presented with this award.

If you are interested in a full listing of Hardy Diagnostics offerings through VWR, click here or contact your VWR Sales Representative.

For more information on our molecular biology line, Culgenex, see our official landing page.


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