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Predictions for this Winter…A One-Two Punch?

a woman with the flu

Two years ago, there was virtually no flu season due to COVID-19 isolation.

In addition, experts predict another COVID-19 surge this fall and winter.(2) According to the World Health Organization’s early October global situation report, more than 1.5 million COVID-19 diagnosis were reported across Europe during the week ending Oct. 2, about 8% more than the prior week.(3) While the U.S. does not always follow in Europe’s footsteps, it is enough of a spike to be on alert. Get prepared now for this year’s flu season with Hardy Diagnostics products to help detect and protect against influenza and COVID-19.(4)

Last year, we had an influenza season that began in December. By January, it seemed like it was going to result in a moderately severe season, but the cases of flu abruptly plummeted and though the season lasted into May, it was exceptionally mild. With two milder-than-usual flu seasons, COVID-19 mask and social distance fatigue, and low levels of immunity, experts are concerned we may see much higher cases of influenza this season.(1) Already this year, Australia’s winter saw its worst season in five years with children especially hard hit.

By Megan Roesner

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