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Fresh water brought to those in need.

Fresh water brought to those in need.

Hardy Diagnostics is proud to annual donate at least 1% of our earnings every year to charity. Our mission statement of “diagnosing and preventing disease” guides our company’s every move and is often extended to the charities which we choose to support. We would like to take a moment to highlight one such organization, Lifewater.

In 2017, Hardy Diagnostics was introduced to this brilliant organization whose values and mission statement resonated with our company as they sought to bring sustainable, appropriate safe water technologies and practices to the world’s most marginalized communities. According to the CDC, an estimated 780 million people do not have access to an improved water source and 2.5 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation (35% of the world’s population). This lack of fresh drinking water and sanitation causes water borne illness to run rampant among communities which is often compounded by a lack of adequate medical care. This recipe for disaster is responsible for over 800 thousand death per year in children five years or younger, mostly in developing countries (around 2,000 children a day globally).

It is demonstrable then that global action must be taken to better supply populations with clean sources of water as well as infrastructure for proper sanitation practices to further prevent the spread of water borne disease and neglected tropical diseases, many of which are hygiene related.

Hardy Diagnostics is proud to support Lifewater in its mission to end the global water and sanitation crisis, step by step, village by village.

We would like also share this message from Lifewater showing the very real impact of their work:

Megene is a local Ethiopian woman and mother of five young children. Before her village became healthy, they were exposed to painful, debilitating bouts of sickness. Megene’s family spent 2,400 birr ($87 USD) each year on medical treatment for her five children. For a family making less than $2 a day, the cost is nearly unbearable.

But, last year, our generous partners changed her story, and Megene no longer drinks contaminated water.

“Now, I am free from feeling of shame, disgust, and fear,” she said.

Megene is not some abstract mother from Ethiopia. Her and her family are very real and because of partners like you they will have access to clean water, improved health, and the hope of the gospel. These practices create a healthier, more hopeful future that allows people to thrive and spend time doing the things that matter most.

You too can support Lifewater by visiting their website.

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