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Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists- Amelia’s Story

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists- Amelia’s Story

Hardy Diagnostics is proud not only to support global organizations and charities whose values mirror our own, but every once in a while we get the unique chance to make a direct impact on someone’s life through giving.

Recently, we were given that very opportunity when a young girl needed help with her science project. Her name shall remain confidential as she is a minor and will be referred to as Amelia throughout the remainder of this article.

As her mother informed us, she has some anxiety when speaking to strangers, which is totally understandable especially for a young person, but nevertheless Amelia mustered up the courage to give our customer service department a call to make a request for a donation. This brave girl said she needed two packs of Blood Agar plates (TSA with 5% Sheep Blood- A10) for her science project idea. A. informed us of her plans to swab the environment around her school and streak for growth. We were so pleased to hear a young mind excited about the unseen world of microorganisms, how could we say “no?”

After sending Amelia her supplies, we all hoped to hear how her project went and we were lucky enough to get an update!

Both Amelia and her mother contacted us to share the results. Over the course of two months, A. methodically worked to plan, prepare, and execute a full environmental screening of her school! But as science fairs go, there has to be a clear winner…

Well we are pleased to say that Amelia took the Grand Prize for her work and is now exhibiting her project for the district! Beyond winning first place, stricter cleaning protocols have been put in place at the school due to Amelia’s findings.

What made this story so special to us wasn’t just that Amelia won her science fair, but what she said at the very end of her letter: “I think I might want to be a scientist when I grow up now!” Children like Amelia are our greatest responsibility. To help them grow, learn, and to inspire them to do good in the world, this is what we as a company strive for. In a time where the number of doctors, microbiologists, and other medical technologists are declining, inspiring children to pursue STEM fields is a necessity!

Thank you Amelia for being brave and for calling Hardy Diagnostics. Thank you for letting us help you with your project, and we wish you all the best as you grow as a scientist!

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