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September, 2021
Ocean bacteria and viruses take up residence, but for a limited amount of time. As an individual initiates their first stride into the piercing cold ocean, our lungs are not the only part of our body greeted by the shock of the drastic change in environment. A brutal battle, invisible to the naked eye, has... Read more »
April, 2018
In recent years, greater appreciation for microbes inhabiting human body sites has emerged. In the female mammary gland, milk has been shown to contain bacterial species, reaching the ducts from the skin. Researchers have also discovered a diverse population of bacteria within tissue collected from sites all around the breast in women ages 18 to... Read more »
October, 2017
Amidst the myriad of effects we’ve found our gut microbiome can have on our daily lives, a recent study finds that it may also affect behaviors in our offspring, even long after they’ve exited the womb. Two newer studies using rats published by MIT and the University of Massachusetts Medical School explored the idea that... Read more »