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C diff Banana Broth™ for the detection of Clostridioides difficile

C Diff Banana Broth

Hardy Diagnostics introduces C diff Banana Broth™ - Verify the Efficacy of your Cleaning Protocols

Easy-to-use. 3 Simple Steps!

1. Swab Surface with pre-moistened swab.

2. Insert swab into tube and snap swab.

3. Attach cap and incubate.

Verify the efficacy of your cleaning protocols.

  • No special anaerobic incubation equipment required.
  • No need to pre-reduce the media.
  • Easy color-change read-out.
  • Specificity found to be 100%.
  • Selective and differential medium for recovering Clostridioides difficile spores and
    vegetative cells from the environment.

C diff Banana Broth™ Product Line

Description Pricing Pack Size Technical Information
C. diff (Clostridioides difficile) Banana Broth™, 16x100mm tube, 10ml fill K226 PK20 view
Flocked swab, nylon tip, standard-tip, standard-shaft (score at 123mm from tip), 6″ overall swab length, sterile, individually wrapped 972029 500/CS


Saline, 0.85%, 2ml, 13x100mm tube R45 PK20 view
D/E Neutralizing Broth, 10ml, 16x125mm tube K108 PK20 view
Incubator, 0.8 cubic feet, each, LCD temperature indicator, digital 133000H EA view
QC Organisms by Microbiologics Pricing Pack Size SDS
Clostridioides difficile KWIK-STIK (2 pack), ATCC® 9689™, by Microbiologics 0329P EA view
Clostridioides difficile KWIK-STIK (6 pack), ATCC® 9689™, by Microbiologics 0329K EA view
Clostridioides difficile Lyfo Disk (6 pellets per glass vial), ATCC® 9689™, by Microbiologics 0329L EA view
Luminometer and Swabs by Hygiena Pricing Pack Size More Information
SystemSURE Plus™ Luminometer, ATP hygiene monitoring system, by Hygiena SS3 EA view
UltraSnap™, for use with Hygiena Luminometers, by Hygiena US2020 100/bx view

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