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Personal Care and Cosmetics Microbiology

Cosmetics and personal care microbiology

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ATP Monitoring with Hygiena™ EnSURE

What is ATP testing? Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all living and once-living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not. The EnSURE ATP monitoring system provides information on the level of contamination in seconds.

TRIO.BAS™ Active Impact Air Monitoring

A control plan to include air sampling can help detect changes in your manufactingenvironment, ensuring the longevity and consumer safety of your products. TRIO.BAS™ uses CompactDry™ or standard agar plates and is programmed to intake up to 200 liters of air per minute.

LokTight Food Page Environmental Monitoring Plates and Media

Surface Sampling with LokTight™

Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) is the standard medium for microbial recovery in environmental monitoring programs, and is used to detect facultative, non-fastidious, and aerobic bacteria, as well as yeasts and molds.

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Introducing The Wizard™ CompactDry™ Reader, a small piece of equipment that will make a big impact on the time spent counting colonies by hand.

Colony counts in seconds- where it would usually take hours to complete all of the colony counts associated with food testing, The Wizard™ CompactDry™ Reader will take just seconds. This saves your technicians valuable time in their testing processes.

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The CompactDry™ plate line presents a variety of organism-specific and total count tests, packaged up nicely in a sophisticated and sturdy cassette.

This ready-to-use system introduces a process to simplify your testing procedure. Chromogenic reaction in the dry media format provides easy organism differentiation and counting. This product line is designed to save technician time while performing colony counts while offering a sturdier alternative to other, flimsier plates.

Dilugent Shaker for serial dilution. This simple format puts sophisticated automation technology within reach for labs of any size!

The Dilugent Shaker uses orbital rotation to make sure each dilution is thoroughly vortexed. It is activated by either an hands-free optical sensor or the optional foot pedal. The 42 LED indicators light each cup, letting you easily see what dilution well you are in.

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Creating an atmosphere
for growth!

AnaeroGRO™ pre reduced culture media is packaged in oxygen free, gas flushed foil pouches along with an oxygen scavenger sachet and a moisture absorbing dessicant packet. AnaeroGRO™ can be stored at room temperature and offer a wide variety of formats like monoplates, biplates, tubes, and primary set up combinations.

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