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CulGenex™ Sold Exclusively through VWR®

CulGenex™ is an array of products specifically designed for the molecular biology researcher.

  • Growth media available in plates, broths, and powders.
  • Products are manufactured in a FDA licensed facility with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system, and tested to the highest standards!
  • Ready-to-use LB agar plates with antibiotics to suit your needs.
  • Pre-measured powders to make 500ml of media. Just add to water.
  • Variety of supplements including Xgal, IPTG, and antibiotics.
  • Wide variety of molecular grade buffers and reagents in 1X
    and 10X concentrations as well as saline and ultra-pure water.
  • Waters and buffers are endotoxin-, DNAse-, RNAse-, and protease-free.
  • Easy-open tamper evident seal on bottle caps.
  • Prepared agarose gels for electrophoresis; just melt and pour.
  • Click here to download our complete CulGenex™ catalog.

Bacterial Growth Media

We offer plates, broths, and powders for bacterial growth. Click here to see all of the bacterial growth media offered by CulGenex™.

Yeast Growth Media

CulGenex™ offers plates, broths, and powders for yeast growth. Click here to learn more.

Molecular Grade Water

Purified, sterile, endotoxin free, water for microbiology. Click here!

Dehydrated Buffers, Antibiotics & Supplements

Packaged in easy-to-use mylar packets of powder pre-measured to make 500ml of buffer. Click here

Electrophoresis Gels and Buffers

Electrophoresis gels and reagents for molecular biology. Gels are ready-to-use, just melt and pour.Click here

E. coli Competent Cells

DNA transformation in 20 seconds,without heat shock! Click here


All CulGenex™ products are offered exclusively through VWR.
You may contact VWR by three methods:
Toll Free – (800) 932-5000
Fax – (856) 241-7900