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Customer Testimonials


Thanks for all the work you’ve done for us. We truly appreciate your help and efforts during these very difficult times.
You have made a difference in securing our ability to continue to provide the testing our patients need.
Thank you.”

Terry Justice, Mgr. Clinical Microbiology and Immunology Laboratories
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

“Mr. Hardy,
Please don’t ever let the monthly newsletter go away. I absolutely love it. Sometimes I think it’s the only reason I show up to work…just kidding! Please send my appreciation to the good people who put together the newsletter. They must be awesome.”

Kelly Hays, Laboratory Manager
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Laboratory

“The customer service department at Hardy Diagnostics is phenomenal. If I have a deadline to beat, I do not even bother with my other vendors. The CSRs are always available, knowledgeable, and provide a positive experience over the phone and through emails. I have never been let down by Hardy Diagnostics. If I have a question regarding shipping, ordering, technical specifications, or billing I am always given Grade A attention.

Overall, I recommend your company to everyone, and your website is very user friendly. Your pricing is very competitive and I can always get a discounted price on items we purchase.”

Rachel Robinson
BioScience Laboratories Inc.

“Thank you very much for your help and support especially for small businesses. I believe your company is already on the summit of the world. You have the best microbiology products, the best reputation, plus you and your employees have the best relationship with your customers. Nothing better can be done. Thank You Very Much!”

Basel Sbai, DVM. Lab Director
Dairy Herd Laboratory

“This is just to thank you for the kind attention you have provided for me. People like you make companies like Hardy Diagnostics competitive and efficient.”

Francisco Sifontes
Clinical Lab SJT

“I want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate how user-friendly Hardy’s product information is… Hardy Diagnostics understands clinical microbiology and has never disappointed us whenever we need support, even if that support is electronic.”

Mary Stepney
South Bend Medical Foundation, IN

“I am really pleased with your MRSA medium. The growth is more luxurious and color is more intense than our current chromogenic media, even at < 24 hours.”

Cathy Stuart
MicroTech Specialty

“I appreciate immensely being told what is in stock and what is back ordered, also pricing. I only wish all of my suppliers would take a page from your book. I have absolutely zero complaints. Please keep acting as if you are a small business even though I know you aren’t anymore. Love HUGO.”

Carole Burns
Yucaipa, CA

“I am just glad I have such great people to work with. Between all of us, we are bringing a higher standard of care to Africa. Sometimes I imagine it is hard to see the big picture, but if it wasn’t for you guys helping me pick and use the right products, people would die.

I know you guys are overworked, but I want you to know that your help really makes a difference to people that have few alternatives.”

Joanna Morrison, MLS(ASCP) cm SH cm
Laboratory supervisor working in Africa

“I recommend Hardy Diagnostics to all my colleagues every chance I get.”

Don Wocher, Micro Supervisor
Elmore Medical Center

“I want to take a minute and let you know that you guys are doing a terrific job fulfilling my requests no matter how small they are or what time I make them. Thank You!”

Ed McGiver
MicroWorks, Inc

“People at Hardy Diagnostics are courteous, friendly and helpful.”

Christina Benson, QC Microbiologist
Nutritional Labs

“Everything is working well with the Staph plates and we like these plates better than any others that we have worked with.”

Mark Temples
Tip Top Poultry, Micro Lab

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chuck Williams in this public forum for being one of, if not the best sales person I’ve dealt with in my 20 plus years in this profession. Thank you Hardy Diagnostics for being there when I need you, and thank you Customer Service for taking such good care of my little corner of the world.”

Mirco Supervisor

“I’ve written before to say how happy I am to be a customer of Hardy Diagnostics. What really appeals to me about Hardy Diagnostics is the fact that even though you have grown tremendously in the fifteen years I’ve been dealing with you, I am still treated with the same friendly courtesy as if this were a small company. I recently had to deal with Fisher Scientific. What a comedown!!!!! If Hardy Diagnostics carried everything I need, I would never buy from another vendor!!! Thanks!!”


“I appreciate that you carry products that can be hard to find but are very much needed in the lab.”

Lenore Hawks, Technical Supervisor
Stanislaus County Public Health Laboratory

“I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter when it comes out. I really like the historical references. Thank you for having such a delightful paper.”

LIS/Microbiology Manager

“Thank you so much for all of your help! It was such a pleasure dealing with you, Nina, and your company. Thanks for making us feel important even for such a small job. How refreshing in this day and age. Thanks. “

Ann Mare

“I would like to tell you we are pleased with your services and your competitive prices and yes we accept these prices. Again thank you for keeping our costs down.”

Lummi Tribal Health Center

“Thank you so much. I had a rush project and needed premade media in a hurry. VWR? No… Fisher? No… Hardy? Yes!”

University of Arizona

“I just thought I would write and tell you how informative I thought this newsletter was!”

Baxter Sterility Assurance

“Thank you very much for your fast service.”

Sanovo Engineering USA, Inc.

“I enjoy reading your Hardy Diagnostics Newsletter each month. I especially look forward to the recent series of articles that you have been including on the history of microbiology and our lab techniques. I hope these articles continue.”

Ed Balkovic, Ph.D.

“To all of my friends At Hardy; I am so blessed to have had a wonderful relationship with the best (and most well-run) company that I have had the pleasure to deal with.…Thanks again for all the wonderful years of service.”

Carole Burns
Professor of Microbiology
Crafton Hills College

“It’s no secret that my favorite Hardy product is the combination of the Carrot Broth (Cat no. Z140) and the GBS Detect Agar (Cat. no.A300). I feel so confident that we do not miss any Group B Streptococcus on our OB/Gyn patients. I brag about it constantly to anyone who will listen…”

Marilyn Sarina
Central Coast Pathology Lab

“I would like to commend Hardy’s employees for the quality service they have provided me. The shipments are prompt and when I talk to a representative I always am greeted pleasantly and helped immediately. Thank you for your high standards. You have an excellent staff. “

Verla M. Andrews, Lab Technician
Barstow College

“I appreciate all the support you have given me lately. You are definitely amazing! I really enjoyed our phone conversation; it is a pleasure to talk to people like you!”

Kosodo Imports

“This newsletter is the BEST!!! Please don’t ever stop sending it. I wish all medical publications were so entertaining and fact filled. Thank you.”

Kristine S. Hansbery, MBA/BA; BS/MT (ASCP)
Laboratory Director
St. Clare Hospital

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter. You have so many interesting articles and pictures. I share it with all my micro friends.”

Carol Lampe

“Your newsletter is an exceptionally good one. Keep up the great work!”

Dr. Babel
Mycology Consultants Laboratory

“I usually have minimum time to spare for emails, but as a former lab tech, and due to the Quality of your Newsletter, I find it hard to live without!”

William McLarin

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed dealing with you. Your assistance in matters and level of customer service is exceptional. “

Dan Johnson
Lab Manager

“Your newsletter is outstanding! Good Humor, incredibly useful information, wisdom and quotes! There is no other like it; I pass it around even to those with non-science backgrounds. Good work Hardy!”

Michael J. Kolf R.Ph.
NIH Clinical Center Pharmacy

“I want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate how user-friendly Hardy’s product information is… Hardy Diagnostics understands clinical microbiology and has never disappointed us whenever we need support, even if that support is electronic.”

Mary Stepney
South Bend Medical Foundation, IN

“I rarely have problems with media or reagents.”

Terri Zehring, CLS-Micro
Shriners Hospital for Children

“…Our media comes promptly and in great condition. The plates are easy to inoculate and give great results. Love the MicoBytes Newsletter! Your company provides a great example to follow.”

Shirley Melito
Wilmington, NC

“I am always amazed at how personalized and rapid the service is at a big company like Hardy!”

Gretchen Kurtenacker, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, MT(AMT)
Heritage University

“In closing I would like to pass along that since my first contact with Hardy Diagnostics mid last year, the services provided have been second to none. Hardy has been a great addition to my list of suppliers. Whether it be a friendly customer service rep that I speak to when calling in an order, talking with Cindy, or having the pleasure to work with someone such as yourself. I would like the thank you Cindy, and the ENTIRE Hardy team for always leaving me with a warm and fuzzy feeling no matter what the reason is for contacting. You guys are AWESOME!!!”

Corey A. Foster
Quality Control Laboratory Technician

“I just wanted to share with you how much I appreciate the ease of your website for ordering products and obtaining COA’s. We order a lot of lab supplies and your company is by far the easiest to order from and work with. Thank you!”

Kodi B. Campbell
Washington State Department of Agriculture

“Hardy Diagnostics is the market leader for most everything I will need in the bacterial testing arena. Thank you again for your visit and introducing me to your company. I look forward to doing business with you.”

David Elliott
UVTech’s Systems