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E. coli

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HardyCHROM™ is Hardy Diagnostics’ line of chromogenic, selective and differential culture media, recommended for use in cultivation, isolation and identification of microorganisms.
Hardy Diagnostics was the first company to introduce chromogenic media to the United States in 1996.


A chomogenic media recommended for the detection, differentiation and enumeration of E. coli and other coliforms in food, water or environmental samples based on colony color.

Cat No. G303

HardyCHROM™ O157

HardyCHROM™ O157 is a selective and differential medium recommended for the isolation of enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157 from food and environmental sources. Chromogenic substances in the media facilitate detection by colony color. Not for human diagnostic use.

Cat No. G305

CompactDry™ EC

CompactDryTM is a ready-to-use system that reduces the time needed to perform microbial testing on food, cannabis, meat, cosmetics, raw materials and more

CompactDry™ EC contains two kinds of chromogenic enzyme substrates: Magenta-Gal and X-Gluc. E. coli forms blue colonies, coliforms turn red. The total coliform group count is the sum of both the red and blue colonies.

Each cassette comes with 4 connected plates that can be easily snapped apart to support a variety of dilution scenarios.

E. coli O157 Rapid Latex Slide Agglutination Test

A rapid latex slide agglutination test for identifying E. coli O157 grown on selective medium. Suitable for clinical and food testing.

Based on proven and reliable latex agglutination technology, the Microgen® Bioproducts E. coli O157 culture confirmation assay offer:

  • Results in two minutes
  • Increases efficiency
  • High sensitivity
  • High specificity
  • Accurate and reliable results


Cat no. M44

MacConkey Agar with Sorbitol (SMAC), for E. coli

For the detection of enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157 (sorbitol negative).

Cat No. G36

SHIBAM Agar (BAM recommended) for the detection of Shiga toxin

Used as a selective and differential growth medium for the cultivation of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC). Detects enterohemolysin producing E. coli.
Zones of clear blood hemolysis (beta hemolysis) surrounding the colonies are associated with Shiga-toxin producing E. coli.

Cat No. A146

CT-SMAC with Cefixime and Tellurite, for E. coli O157

A chromogenic media recommended for the detection, differentiation and enumeration of E.coli and other coliforms in food, water or environmental samples based on colony color.

Cat No. G129

EC Broth with MUG (methylumbelliferyl glucuronide)

For the detection of E. coli in food and water by flourescence. Contains methylumbelliferyl glucuronide. Read with a fluorescent lamp (long wave, 366nm).

Cat No. K64

MacConkey Broth, USP

MacConkey Broth is used for cultivating gram-negative, lactose-fermenting bacilli and as a presumptive test for coliform organisms.

Cat No. U125

Indole Nitrate Broth

For the detection of nitrate reduction and indole production in bacteria. Contains a durham tube for gas detection.

Cat No. K147

EnSURE™ Touch Monitoring System by Hygiena

EnSURE™ Touch is an advanced monitoring system that collects, analyzes and reports data from a variety of long-trusted quality tests, providing rapid and accurate sanitation verification data. Featuring a 5-inch touch screen, wireless sync technology, and cloud-based software. The EnSURE Touch is designed to adapt to your workplace, providing the data you need for complex multi-location supply chain monitoring, audit and risk management, and recall prevention.

EnSURE Touch Can Help You:

  • Verify sanitation of surfaces, liquids, and product testing in as little as 10 seconds
  • Test and compare the effectiveness of sanitation products and procedures
  • Train and monitor sanitation crew and QC/ QA employees
  • Support SSOP and objectively prove cleaning standards have been met
  • Quickly identify when replaceable parts like belts and brushes should be replaced
  • Identify problem areas in your facility that need more attention
  • Provide on-the-spot training and feedback

Run multiple tests on one system in just a few taps.
The EnSURE Touch monitoring system is designed to be used for multiple quality and food safety tests. Users can use the system for ATP hygiene monitoring or have an expanded program that incorporates rapid microorganism tests for environmental monitoring and finished product testing. Additional tests for pasteurization and cooking proficiency are also available.

Minimal size, maximum durability.
Don’t let the petite shape fool you – EnSURE Touch makes no compromises when it comes to durability. The rugged outer shell and shatter-proof touchscreen keep EnSURE Touch safe in the harshest environments. For extra protection, every system comes with a complimentary carrying case with a shoulder strap for hands-free transportation to test locations in your facility.

Cat. no. ETOUCH

Hygiena’s MicroSnap™ platform bridges the time gap between ATP and bacterial culture results with convenient, same-shift tests. MicroSnap tests are read by the EnSURE™ monitoring system and results are recorded with SureTrend™ software. EnSURE™ measures both ATP monitoring and organisms tests, enabling food and beverage processors to acquire an accurate status of plant hygiene and product quality during the same working day or shift. Knowing test results sooner prevents recalls, reduces waste, shortens hold time, and enables a quicker response when contamination issues arise.

Learn more about each individual test format:

Ready-to-use swabs and tubes pre-filled to fit your specific needs!

Our Tubes Feature:

  • Flat bottom: Contributes to stability when set on end.
  • Leak-proof: Caps provide security during handling and transportation.
  • Attached Swab: Collect and transport environmental samples with efficiency and ease.
  • Robust construction: Tubes are sturdy and are shatter proof.

EnviroTrans™, swab rinse kit, Letheen Broth, 5ml with swab

Recommended for the detection of microorganisms found on surfaces. Neutralizes phenols, formalin, and ethanol. May be used with Compact Dry or 3M Petrifilm™. Contains some growth factors.

Cat No. SRK25

EnviroTrans™, swab rinse kit, Neutralizing Buffer, 5ml with swab

Neutralizing Buffer is designed to neutralize chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium disinfectants, making this the perfect medium to collect and enumerate microorganisms from environmental surfaces and equipment.

Cat No. SRK15

EnviroTrans™, swab rinse kit, D/E Neutralizing Broth, 5ml with swab

D/E Neutralizing Broth is recommended for the detection of microorganisms found on surfaces. Neutralizes a broad spectrum of antiseptics and disinfectants , such as quaternary ammonia, iodine, chlorine, phenolics, formalin, mercurials, glutaraldehyde, ethanol, and hexachlorophene. Detects organisms remaining after sanitation treatment. Contains some growth factors.

Cat No. SRK45

Control Organisms


DUO-PAK™ Two ready-to-use swabs that contain a single lyophilized pellet of a single microorganism strain. Rehydrating fluid is built into the Kwik-Stik unit.These microorganisms are reference stock cultures that have been derived from reference culture collections such as Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Escherichia coli, serotype O103:H11, CDC06-3008 (STEC)
Cat No. 01101P

Escherichia coli, serotype O111:H8, CDC2010C-3114 (STEC)
Cat No. 01102P

Escherichia coli, serotype O121:H19, CDC02-3211 (STEC)
Cat No. 01099P

Escherichia coli, serotype O145:NM, CDC99-3311 (STEC)
Cat No. 01097P

Escherichia coli, serotype O26:H11, CDC 03-3014 (STEC)
Cat No. 01100P

Escherichia coli, serotype O45:H2, CDC00-3039 (STEC)
Cat No. 01098P

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