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100% Employee Owned

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We act like owners because we are!

While Hardy Diagnostics may have arisen from humble beginnings with only two employees, for 40 years Hardy Diagnostics has grown and flourished to over 430 partners! Jay Hardy, President and Founder of Hardy Diagnostics, being of entrepenuerial spirit, wanted to instill the blessing and responsbility of business ownership in his employees.

In October of 2015, Mr. Hardy sold the remainder of his majority share in Hardy Diagnostics back to his employees. Hardy Diagnostics now operates as a 100% Employee Owned ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

We do not answer to private investors or venture capitalists. We operate as a company of owners who only answer to our customers and their needs.

What's an ESOP?

Louis Ortho Kelso

ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The term, coined in 1956 by Louis O. Kelso, refers to an employee ownership plan where a company grants its stock to the employees at no cost to them. Kelso argued that a company’s own employees should be the logical owners of stock in the company and its ultimate shareholders. Employees are the life’s blood of the company’s success and therefore they have the most “skin in the game.”

At Hardy Diagnostics, employees are granted shares in the company without needing to “buy in.” We pride ourselves as owners who can take the legacy Mr. Hardy began and push it further into the future as we continue our work to make and distribute the finest products for the detection and prevention of disease.

What does Ownership mean to us?