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HardyCHROM™ Group A Strep

Hardy Diagnostics is proud to introduce
HardyCHROM™ Group A Strep Agar

Straight Forward. Easy-to-read. Color Differentiation.

We are making identification easy with the release of the Hardy Diagnostics HardyCHROM™ Group A Strep Agar. Our new chromogenic medium allows for an easy-to-read and straight forward selective cultivation and differential isolation of Group A Streptococcus (S. pyogenes) or GAS.

GAS can be differentiated on this medium based on colony color (red, red-brown, or red-orange colonies) among other non-GAS bacteria that are part of the throat flora (blue, clear, or white colonies) after 24 hours of incubation.

Features and benefits

Easy colony detection
Colored colonies on a white background makes detection easy.

Highly selective

Selects for Group A Strep.

Free Blok Box™ upon request

Protects sensitive media from light. Complimentary with your order.

HardyCHROM™ Group A Strep is available in two convenient plate formats:

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