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Dilucup™ Elegance

Dilugent® Shaker

Precision and speed at your fingertips! The first device for easy, safe, and traceable serial dilution processing!
The Dilugent® Shaker uses orbital rotation to ensure each dilution is thoroughly vortexed. It is activated by either an hands-free optical sensor or the optional foot pedal. The 42 LED indicators light each cup, letting you easily see what dilution well you are in.

Dilugent® Shaker is available in three models:

Dilugent® Shaker Pro

This format makes it possible to connect LIMS and advanced programming. Especially for those who work with duplicates or triplicates or have other traceability needs.

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Dilugent® Shaker Standard

Our standard version includes functions that allow the user to track data using a USB memory stick.

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Dilugent® Shaker Light

All of the ergonomic design improvements with a lighter software package.

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Dilugent® Shaker Accessories

Dilucup™ Serial Dilution System

Dilucup™ saves time and money compared to preparing your own dilution vials! This system maximizes lab efficiency with its pre-filled, sterile and ready-to-use dilution cups. These save time and standardize results. The lab will virtually eliminate results that vary from tech to tech. The Dilucup™ line also reduces the occurrence of repetitive motion injuries.

Dilucup™ Elegance MRD
(Maximum Recovery Diluent)

Max Recovery Diluent, dilution blank, 9ml fill, ready-to-use cups.


  • Peptones 1 g/L, NaCl 8,5 g/L, Buffers
  • pH: 7,0 ± 0,2
  • Volume: 9 mL ± 2 %

Available in two sizes:
672 (2 x 16 x 21) total cups with 3 cups/row
672 (2 x 8 x 42) total cups with 6 cups/row

Dilucup™ Elegance BPW
(Buffered Peptone Water)

Buffered Peptone Water, dilution blank, 9ml fill, ready-to-use cups.


Dilucup™ Elegance
NaCl, 0.85%

NaCl with buffer, dilution blank, 9ml fill, ready-to-use cups.


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