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Criterion™ Dehydrated Culture Media by Hardy Diagnostics

Hardy Diagnostics’ dehydrated culture media, CRITERION™, is formulated to meet or exceed the highest quality standards. Choose from 250 standard formulas or request custom blending to your specifications. The ergonomic packaging has built in handles for an improved user experience, as well as made from opaque materials to diminish light penetration. Criterion™ jars and buckets are designed to be stackable to help save room during storage.  An induction seal, as well as a built-in cushion seal and desiccant pack, ensures that the media stays dry and does not clump. Jars and buckets are built with wide mouth lids allowing easy access to scoop the media during measuring; no more shaking the bottle to dispense the media! The innovative packaging designs and overall reliability make CRITERION™ the logical choice for culture media in your laboratory.

Criterion™ Dehydrated Culture Media is available
in four convenient sizes:

2 liter Mylar bag

500gm Jar

2kg Buckets
with Locking Screw Lid

10kg Bucket
with Locking Screw Lid

Criterion Dehydrated Culture Media Group Shot

Hardy Diagnostics produces over 250 standard formulations of Criterion™ Dehydrated Culture Media. Can’t find what you need? Hardy Diagnostics will make custom formulations to your specifications to specifically meet your needs.

All animal components used in CRITERION™ formulations are sourced from countries the USDA has determined acceptable for BSE/TSE risk.

Save money and reduce QC time by calling ahead and sequestering large lots of material. Bulk packaging in drums is also available.

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Hardy Diagnostics is proud to offer Criterion™ Dehydrated Culture Media to the global community through our network of international distributors.

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