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nBPW for Poultry Carcasses and Parts

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On July 1st, 2016, the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
released a newly developed Neutralizing Buffered Peptone Water ( nBPW ).

Neutralizing Buffered Peptone Water
nBPW, 400ml fill, 500ml, polycarbonate bottle

U181 nbpw
  • This solution came from a study by the ARS (initiated by the FSIS) to determine whether antimicrobial sanitizers might interfere with testing for Salmonella.
  • ARS researchers found that sanitizers used on poultry carcasses to reduce pathogens might cause false-negative results in tests for Salmonella.

Neutralizing Buffered Peptone Water
nBPW, 10ml fill, 20x125mm polycarbonate tube

  • FSIS believes the new nBPW solution will eliminate any problem of antimicrobial carryover in Salmonella tests.
  • Improve the efficacy of your poultry testing by using Hardy’s nBPW solutions!

nBPW Product Line

Description Pricing Pack Size Technical Information
nBPW, 10ml, 20x125mm polycarbonate tube K281 Pack of 20 view
nBPW, 400ml, 500ml wide-mouth polycarbonate bottle U181 Pack of 20 view

Go to the Salmonella‘s source! Visit for more information.

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