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Pathfinder Listeria and Pathfinder Salmonella

Eliminate your false positives!

PathFinder™ Listeria Broth

Hardy Diagnostics is proud to introduce the first confirmatory swab for environmental Listeria spp. Pathfinder™ does not just provide a standard esculin result. After incubation, Listeria spp. organisms will cause a green fluorescent reaction under long wave UV light for confirmation.

K321 Pathfinder Listeria

The green glow lets you know!

Pathfinder Salmonella

The easiest environmental Salmonella test available!

PathFinder™ Salmonella Broth

PathFinder™ Salmonella Broth is recommended for use with environmental samples from food processing environments or food contact surfaces. Selective and differential screening medium to detects the presence of Salmonella spp. after cleaning. Simply collect your sample, inoculate the PathFinder™ media, and incubate.

K327 Salmonella

24-48 hour test!

EnviroMax Plus®

EnviroMax Plus® environmental monitoring swabs are used in conjuction with both PathFinder™ Listeria and PathFinder™ Salmonella for the collection, and transportation of microorganisms from the environment. A leak proof cap ensures there is no loss of sample. A Strong handle allows for controlled pressure to the paddle foam swab. Absorbant foam tips with neutralizing buffer maximize specimen collection.