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Pathfinder Listeria

Eliminate your false positives!

PathFinder™ Listeria Broth

Hardy Diagnostics is proud to introduce the first confirmatory swab for environmental Listeria spp. PathFinder™ does not just provide a standard esculin result. After incubation, Listeria spp. organisms will cause a green fluorescent reaction under long wave UV light for confirmation.

K321 Pathfinder Listeria

The green glow lets you know!

EnviroMax Plus®

EnviroMax Plus® environmental monitoring swabs are used in conjuction with both PathFinder™ Listeria for the collection, and transportation of microorganisms from the environment. A leak proof cap ensures there is no loss of sample. A Strong handle allows for controlled pressure to the paddle foam swab. Absorbant foam tips with neutralizing buffer maximize specimen collection.


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