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Make sure your testing is up to FSIS regulation with neutralizing Buffered Peptone Water (nBPW).

  • nBPW is recommended for use as a rinse (or swab) for poultry carcasses and parts. USDA Institutes this measure due to Salmonella false negatives.
  • The new buffer is officially replacing currently used Buffered Peptone Water because of it’s increased effectiveness in reducing the effect of potential carryover of antimicrobials.
  • This solution came from a study by the FSIS to determine whether antimicrobial sanitizers might interfere with testing for Salmonella.
  • Researchers found that sanitizers used on poultry carcasses to reduce pathogens might cause false-negative results in tests for Salmonella.
neutralizing buffered peptone water
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Hardy Diagnostics introduces Envirobootie™ – Environmental Sampling Bootie Pre-moistened with Skim Milk Broth for maximum Salmonella recovery.

Envirobootie Environmental Sampling Bootie
  • EnviroBootie™ is a collection system for the monitoring of Salmonella contamination in flock floor litter and other surfaces
  • This “one size fits all” shoe cover is ready-to-use and pre-moistened with skim milk.
  • Simply remove the EnviroBootie™ from the sample bag, place the boot swab over a plastic boot cover, then walk through the poultry barn.
  • This unique design allows for highly efficient sample collection, secure transport, pre-enrichment incubation, and disposal, all in the same container!
  • EnviroBootie™ can also be used as a sampling mitt for belts, feeders, and other recommended sampling surfaces.
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CompactDry™ – Simple and Effective System for Colony Counting

  • CompactDry™ is a ready-to-use system reducing the time needed to perform microbial testing on food, beverage, meat, cosmetics, and raw materials.
  • The sample diffuses automatically and evenly into the plate with no need for a spreader! Its compact, stacking design and room temperature storage saves space not only your refrigerator but your incubator as well.
  • AOAC, MicroVal, and NordVal approved (see product pages for individual certifications.)
compactdry poultry
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DescriptionPricingPack SizeIFU
nBPW, 10ml, 20x125mm polycarbonate tubeK281Pack of 20view
nBPW, 25ml, 60ml polypropylene, narrow-mouth bottleU183Pack of 20view
nBPW, 400ml, 500ml wide-mouth polycarbonate bottleU181Pack of 20view
DescriptionCat no. PricingPack SizeIFU
EnviroBootie™, environmental sampling bootie for Salmonella Recovery, 2 pre-moistened boot swabs per bag, 50 per box EB50 50pk view
EnviroBootie™, environmental sampling bootie for Salmonella Recovery, 1 pre-moistened boot swab per bag, 100 per box EB100 100pk view
Boots, Disposable, Heavy-Duty Plastic Tie Closure, 50 per convenient dispenser box C14019WA 50pk view
DescriptionCat no. PricingPack SizeIFU
CompactDry™ EC, Escherichia coli and Coliforms, 100 trays per boxEC10025 pks of 4 platesview
CompactDry™ ETB, Enterobacteriaceae, 100 trays per box ETB100 25 pks of 4 plates view
CompactDry™ LS, Listeria spp, 100 trays per boxLS10025 pks of 4 platesview
CompactDry™ SL, Salmonella, 100 trays per box SL100 25 pks of 4 platesN/A
CompactDry™ TC, Total Plate Count, 100 trays per box TPC10025 pks of 4 platesview
CompactDry™ X-SA, Staphylococcus aureus, 100 trays per boxXSA10025 pks of 4 platesview
CompactDry™ YM, Yeast and Mold, 100 trays per boxYM10025 pks of 4 platesview
CompactDry™ YMR, Yeast Mold Rapid, 100 trays per boxYMR10025 pks of 4 platesview