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February 16, 2021

FedEx and UPS have informed us that they are in a 2-3 day weather delay pattern due to severe winter weather. Ice and frigid temperatures have grounded most of their planes and most local FedEx and UPS hubs are all closed throughout the Midwest and Eastern regions.

In light of this and in order to avoid the high probability of product damage caused by shipping delays and severe weather, we have reluctantly decided to hold all outbound air shipments until Monday, February 22. This will apply to everything from the Rockies eastward (eastern border of Idaho, Utah and Arizona) as these shipments go through either their Indianapolis, Memphis or Dallas hubs. All three are experiencing these extended delays and another large storm is expected tomorrow.

Additionally our Ohio, Texas, NC and NY distribution centers are not getting carrier pickups and therefore have closed for safety reasons. Nothing will be going out of these locations for a few days.  Freezing and black ice conditions are keeping the carriers’ trucks off of the roads.

For customers in desperate need of product, we will do what we can to get product shipped but there is no way shipment delivery can be guaranteed. There is an extremely high chance of delays and product damage caused by freezing. Neither FedEx nor UPS will accept any product damage claims during this period therefore shipping during this period will be at one’s own risk.


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service or your Territory Account Manager.


We apologize for any negative impacts this may cause and are here to assist as best possible.