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Carrot Broth™
One-step method for screening pregnant women for the presence of group B streptococci. more »

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Hardy Diagnotics an employee owned company
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feedback Why is Hardy Diagnostics the right choice for your lab?
  • You will receive your supplies from Hardy Diagnostics' ISO certified factory. This eliminates problems with a "middle man" and ensures a long product shelf life.
  • You can call us anytime to discuss your technical needs and questions. Hardy Diagnostics' customer service is noted for being the best in the industry!
  • You can choose from a complete selection of microbiology and laboratory products: over 13,000 of them, including many "hard to find" items.
  • Your shipments are delivered quickly, usually the next day, due to Hardy Diagnostics' extensive network of nine distribution centers across the US.
  • Watch Hardy Diagnostics An Employee Owned Company Video.

crystal diagnostics
CDx Xpress™ - Rapid Pathogen Detection System EZ-Accu Shot™ by Microbiologics QuickSlide™ Automated Slide Staining Equipment

Hardy Diagnostics introduces the CDx Xpress Reader. For testing beef and leafy produce for food bourne pathogens. AOAC Approved.

Microbiologics® EZ-Accu Shot™, a quantitative microorganism preparation for Growth Promotion Testing. EZ-Accu Shot™ preparations are guaranteed to deliver < 100 CFU per 0.1ml of suspension. EZ-Accu Shot™ dissolves quickly and does not require dilutions or pre-incubation. Learn more.

Hardy Diagnostics introduces the QuickSlide™ Automated Slide Stainers. Click here to learn more about automated slide stainers.
View our Product Videos Strep B Carrot Broth™ 2 New Antibiotics
As an added service to our customers, Hardy Diagnostics will periodically release video demos of selected products that are sure to interest you. Click here to watch all of Hardy Diagnostics product videos. Strep B Carrot Broth™ is a new one-step method for cultivation and isolation of hemolytic strains of GBS. This screening test is an improvement over conventional methods, by increasing sensitivity, decreasing turn around time, while lowering overall cost. More on Carrot Broth Hardy will be the first to offer these new antibiotic disks for Kirby-Bauer testing.
hardy diagnostics mini catalogs
microbiology rapid tests and reagents
international sales
Industry Specific Catalogs Rapid Tests and Reagents International Sales
View our line of industry specific mini-catalogs - Anaerobic Microbiology, Bovine Mastitis, Food and Beverage, Control Organisms, Pharmaceutical and much more! Click here. Go Faster! Save valuable time by utilizing the many rapid tests and reagents Hardy Diagnostics has to offer. See our catalog on Rapid Tests and Reagents. Our Mission is to provide our distributors with a high quality product at a competitive price, unparalleled service and expert technical support. Interested in becoming a distributor? Click here.
Prepared Culture Media Catalog Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) Introducing AnaeroGRO™
Hardy announces its new catalog of all culture media offerings. This 85 page booklet contains descriptions of the 2,700 products that Hardy manufactures for the microbiologist. Click here. What does it mean for you? Click here to learn more. Prereduced anaerobic culture media packaged in foil pouches that are flushed with oxygen-free gas. Wide variety of packaging combinations are offered: mono-plates, bi-plates and primary setup combinations. Competitive pricing. Click here to learn more.
BSI ISO 13485 At Hardy Diagnostics, you will find a complete selection of laboratory and microbiology supplies for the clinical, industrial, and molecular biology research laboratory. Hardy has a Quality Management System that is certified to ISO 13485 and is a FDA licensed medical device manufacturer. The company's product offering includes: culture media, rapid test kits, stains, reagents, dehydrated culture media, molecular biology media and reagents, animal blood products, antisera, proficiency testing programs, anaerobic gas generators, specimen swabs and transports, dilution vials, QC microorganisms, susceptibility disks, immunology kits, latex agglutination kits, pathogen detection kits (Salmonella, E. coli O157, Listeria, Candida, Legionella, Influenza, MRSA, Strep, Staph), Petri plates, agar based prepared media and broths, chromogenic media, mastitis media, incubators, environmental monitoring supplies, sterility media, parasitology and mycology supplies, anaerobic bacteriology supplies, custom media formulations, disposable gloves, lab coats, inoculating loops and much more!
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