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Strep B Carrot Broth ™ One Step

Strep B Carrot Broth™ is a one-step method for cultivation and isolation of hemolytic strains of GBS. This screening test is an improvement over conventional methods, by increasing sensitivity, decreasing turn around time, while lowering overall cost. More on Carrot Broth One Step.

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Orum™Trio.Bas™ Biological Air Sampling

Hardy Diagnostics introduces Trio Bas™ the next generation of air samplers for viable airborne particle sampling in a clean room setting. Available with one, two, or three aspirating heads, Trio Bas offers versatility along with comfort and ease of use.

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NEW! HardyVal, USP <797> Media Fill Testing

HardyVal assesses the risk of microbial contamination of your CSP’s (compounded sterile preparations) according to USP <797>. Visit our Pharmaceutical Microbiology page for more information!

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QuickSlide™ Automated Slide Staining Equipment

Hardy Diagnostics introduces the QuickSlide™ Automated Slide Stainers. Click here to learn more about automated slide stainers.

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Introducing C diff Banana Broth™

Hardy Diagnostics introduces C diff Banana Broth™ culture and recovery of Clostridioides difficile spores and vegetative cells from environmental samples. Click here to learn more.

CompactDry for Food Microbiology

CompactDry™ Self Diffusing Media

The CompactDry ™ plate line offers a variety of organism-specific and total count tests, packaged up nicely in a sophisticated and sturdy cassette. Learn more!