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C diff Banana Broth™ for the detection of Clostridioides difficile

C Diff Banana Broth

Hardy Diagnostics introduces C diff Banana Broth™ - Verify the Efficacy of your Cleaning Protocols

Easy-to-use. 3 Simple Steps!

1. Swab Surface with pre-moistened swab.

2. Insert swab into tube and snap swab.

3. Attach cap and incubate.

Verify the efficacy of your cleaning protocols.

  • No special anaerobic incubation equipment required.
  • No need to pre-reduce the media.
  • Easy color-change read-out.
  • Specificity found to be 100%.
  • Selective and differential medium for recovering Clostridioides difficile spores and
    vegetative cells from the environment.

C diff Banana Broth™ Product Line

DescriptionPricingPack SizeTechnical Information
C. diff (Clostridioides difficile) Banana Broth™, 16x100mm tube, 10ml fillK226PK20view
Flocked swab, nylon tip, standard-tip, standard-shaft (score at 123mm from tip), 6″ overall swab length, sterile, individually wrappedFS1HD500/CSN/A
Saline, 0.85%, 2ml, 13x100mm tubeR45PK20view
D/E Neutralizing Broth, 10ml, 16x125mm tubeK108PK20view
Incubator, 0.8 cubic feet, each, LCD temperature indicator, digital133000EAN/A
QC Organisms by MicrobiologicsPricingPack SizeSDS
Clostridioides difficile KWIK-STIK (2 pack), ATCC® 9689™, by Microbiologics0329PEAview
Clostridioides difficile KWIK-STIK (6 pack), ATCC® 9689™, by Microbiologics0329KEAview
Clostridioides difficile Lyfo Disk (6 pellets per glass vial), ATCC® 9689™, by Microbiologics0329LEAview
Luminometer and Swabs by HygienaPricingPack SizeMore Information
SystemSURE Plus™ Luminometer, ATP hygiene monitoring system, by HygienaSS3EAview
UltraSnap™, for use with Hygiena Luminometers, by HygienaUS2020100/bxview
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