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Carrot Broth™
One-step method for screening pregnant women for the presence of group B streptococci. more »

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  Our Team
Hardy TeamCustomer Service
Jay Hardy, CLS, SM(NRCM) Jay Hardy, CLS, SM(NRCM)
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5674
Fax: (805) 346-2760
Christopher Catani MT(ASCP), RM (ACM)  Christopher Catani,
MT(ASC), RM(ACM), BS(ISU), Technical Consultant

Director of Sales & Marketing | Corporate Vice President
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5696
Fax: (805) 614-9274
Eddie Yubeta  Eddie Yubeta
Customer Service Manager
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5685
Fax: (805) 346-2760
Andre Hsiung  Andre Hsiung M.S., M(ASCP)
Director of Technical Services
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext. 5706
Fax: (805) 361-2736
Ryan Burks  Ryan Burks
Director of Logistics and Customer Service
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5693
Fax: (805) 361-5003
Robert Meijer

Robert Meijer
National Sales Manager
National Accounts
Telephone: (407) 967-2353
Fax: (805) 361-5030

Kerry Pierce  Kerry Pierce
Technical Services Supervisor
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5657
Fax: (805) 614-9274
Bruce Terry  Bruce Terry
Regional Territory Manager
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey
Southern New York, Pennsylvania,
& Washington DC
Telephone: (201) 218-9430
Bill Carlson  Bill Carlson
Regional Territory Manager
Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County,
Riverside, & Imperial Counties in California
Telephone: (619) 246-1493
Christopher Todd  Christopher Todd
Regional Territory Manager
Illinois, Michigan,
& Wisconsin
Telephone: (847) 508-2647
Lloyd Christiansen  Lloyd Christiansen, MT(ASCP), Technical Consultant
Regional Territory Manager
Northern California, & Nevada
Telephone: (925) 864-1305
Kathy Steller  Kathy Steller
Regional Territory Manager
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah,
& Wyoming
Telephone: (805) 714-6479
Lisa Goans  Lisa Goans, Technical Consultant
Regional Territory Manager
North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee, & Virginia
Telephone: (919) 451-4708
Fax: (805) 361-2705
Jodi Radford  Jodi Radford
Account Manager - International
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5702
Fax: (805) 361-5053
Jill Hilgenberg  Jill Hilgenberg, Technical Consultant
Regional Territory Manager
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska,
& Oklahoma
Telephone: (913) 991-3664
Fax: (805) 361-2612
Genesis  Genesis Cautivar
Regional Territory Manager
Arkansas, Louisiana,
Mississippi, & Texas
Telephone: (214) 497-3592
Fax: (805) 361-5030
Billy Yee  Billy Yee, Technical Consultant
Regional Territory Manager
San Luis Obispo, Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura &
Los Angeles in Central California
Telephone: (626) 319-1325
Fax: (805) 928-2950
Cindy Green  Cindy Green
Regional Territory Manager
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Northern New York,
Rhode Island, & Vermont
Telephone: (603) 930-8124
Fax: (805) 361-5046
Luz Prieto  Luz Prieto, Technical Consultant
Regional Territory Manager
Puerto Rico
Telephone: (787) 525-7483
Fax: (805) 361-5058
Chuck Williams  Chuck Williams
Regional Territory Manager
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota,
Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota,
Oregon, & Washington
Telephone: (619) 246-1493
Cheryl Meyer  Cheryl Meyer
Regional Territory Manager
Alabama, Florida, & Georgia
Telephone: (732) 809-0000
Mary Pohlman  Mary Pohlman, Technical Consultant
Regional Territory Manager
Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia
United States
Telephone: (253) 380-7887
Fax: (805) 361-2709
Christian Alduenda  Christian Alduenda
Lead Customer Support Specialist
United States
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5605
Fax: (805) 928-2950
Robin Guice  Robin Guice
Customer Support Specialist
United States
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5622
Fax: (805) 928-2950
kirsten spallino  Kirsten Spallino
Customer Support Specialist
United States
Telephone: (805) 346-2766 ext 5609
Fax: (805) 928-2950
Main Office
Hardy Diagnostics Headquarters
1430 W. McCoy Lane, Santa Maria, CA 93455
Telephone: (805) 346-2766
Toll Free: (800) 266-2222
Fax: (805) 346-2760
Distribution Centers - Nationwide Distribution
2541 North Arizona Avenue, Suite 1
Chandler, AZ 85225
Telephone: (480) 464-2466
Toll Free: (800) 995-8456
Fax: (480) 464-9828
273 SW Morrell's Court, Suite 102
Lake City, FL 32024
  New York
12 Petra Lane, Suite 2
Albany, NY 12205
429 S. Pioneer Blvd.
Springboro, OH 45066
2030 Century Center Blvd., Suite 7
Irving, TX 75062
8496 South Harrison, Suite 108
Midvale, UT 84070
1930 Carpenter Road S.E.
Lacey, WA 98503
North Carolina
100 Centrewest court, Suite B
Cary, NC 27513
Regional Territory Managers by State
State Regional Territory Managers
Alabama Cheryl Meyer
Alaska Chuck Williams
Arizona Kathy Steller
Arkansas Genesis Cautivar
California Bill Carlson, Lloyd Christiansen, Billy Yee
Colorado Kathy Steller
Connecticut Cindy Green
Delaware Bruce Terry
District of Columbia Bruce Terry
Florida Cheryl Meyer
Georgia Cheryl Meyer
Hawaii Chuck Williams
Idaho Chuck Williams
Illinois Christopher Todd
Indiana Mary Pohlman
Iowa Jill Hilgenberg
Kansas Jill Hilgenberg
Kentucky Mary Pohlman
Louisiana Genesis Cautivar
Maine Cindy Green
Maryland Bruce Terry
Massachusetts Cindy Green
Michigan Christopher Todd
Minnesota Chuck Williams
Mississippi Genesis Cautivar
Missouri Jill Hilgenberg
Montana Chuck Williams
Nebraska Jill Hilgenberg
State Regional Territory Managers
Nevada Lloyd Christiansen
New Hampshire Cindy Green
New Jersey Bruce Terry
New Mexico Kathy Steller
New York Bruce Terry, Cindy Green
North Carolina Lisa Goans
North Dakota Chuck Williams
Ohio Mary Pohlman
Oklahoma Jill Hilgenberg
Oregon Chuck Williams
Pennsylvania Bruce Terry
Puerto Rico Luz Prieto
Rhode Island Cindy Green
South Carolina Lisa Goans
South Dakota Chuck Williams
Tennessee Lisa Goans
Texas Genesis Cautivar
United States Embassies Jodi Radford
United States Military Bases, Abroad Jodi Radford
Utah Kathy Steller
Vermont Cindy Green
Virginia Lisa Goans
Washington Chuck Williams
West Virginia Mary Pohlman
Wisconsin Christopher Todd
Wyoming Kathy Steller
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