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Carrot Broth ™ for Group B Strep

  • Strep B Carrot Broth™ is a new one-step method for cultivation and identification of beta hemolytic strains of Group BStreptococcus .
  • GBS Detect for the isolation and differentiation of gamma hemolytic Group B Streptococcus by enhanced hemolysis.
  • Carrot Broth™ is an improvement over conventional methods, by increasing sensitivity, decreasing turn around time, while lowering overall cost.
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  • US Patent No. 8,313,938 B1 and US Patent No. 8,518,688 B1.
Description Cat no. Pricing Pack Size Technical Information
Strep B Carrot Broth™ for hemolytic strains of Group B Streptococcus detection. Z140 Pack of 20 view
GBS Detect™, for non-hemolytic Group B Strep, 17 ml fill, 15x100mm plate. A300 Pack of 10 view
Carrot Broth™ Comparison – Schreckenberger view
Comparison of Commercially Available Methods (Strep B Carrot Broth™ and GBS Medium) for the Detection of Group B Streptococcus view
Evaluation of Accuracy of StrepB Carrot Broth™ in the Detection of Different Serotypes of Group B Streptococci (GBS) by the CDC view
Evaluation of StrepB Carrot Broth™ and LIM Broth Methods for Recovery of Group B Streptococci (GBS) view
Strep B Carrot Broth™ Transport Swab Inoculation Study view
CDC Guidelines
CDC Flowcharts for 2010 Guidelines for Laboratorians
Using pigmented broth and only subculture for isolation and identification of GBS
CDC Flowcharts for 2010 Guidelines for Laboratorians
Using pigmented broth and serologic or molecular testing for identification of GBS
CDC GBS Guideline view
CDC Prevention of Perinatal Group B view