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GramPRO Automated Gram Stain Slide Stainer

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Eliminate Tech to Tech Variation

Consistent Gram Staining for a Perfect Slide Every Time!

The QuickSlide™ GramPRO 1 is a single slide automated Gram stainer, equipped with the world’s most consistent decolorizing electronic eye technology. Of course, with Gram staining there’s likelihood for variation among technologists, especially regarding decolorization. Our patented photo optic “eye” carefully analyzes each Gram stain as would any experienced technologist. Perform Gram stains all day long with no variation among technologists, regardless of expertise. With the press of a button, automated Gram staining has never been so elegant and precise!

Concerned about precipitants and crystallization? Worry no longer! The GramPRO 1 utilizes high quality reagents. Our advanced cuvette design allows fresh and precise reagent delivery to each specimen while maintaining a clean cuvette, rinsed with DI water between each reagent. Unique to the GramPRO 1, the stir feature automatically mixes each reagent daily so you can maintain beautifully-stained specimens, free of precipitants. Stain times are also customizable to obtain the preferred color intensity of your specimens. With three feet of drain tubing, the GramPRO 1 can be placed easily near a sink or preferred waste container.

What about the maintenance?  Unlike many Gram stainers, the GramPRO 1 requires minimal cleaning procedures. Thanks to our advanced cuvette design and programmed maintenance procedures, the GramPRO 1 requires very little hands-on interaction. Maintenance is swift and worry-free! Programmed prompts guide users step-by-step, allowing your team to focus on processing more and cleaning less.

Electro-Optical Decolorization

The GramPRO 1 is equipped with a patented electro-optical “eye” that fine tunes the decolorization process while accommodating various sample thicknesses. The GramPRO 1 is ideal for standardizing Gram staining in labs and ensuring consistency regardless of technician experience. No more under or over decolorization!

Fast, Hands-Free Staining

Totally hands free, each slide is automatically stained, decolorized and counter stained in about 5 minutes. Load the slide, select the stain cycle, and walk away! The user is alerted once the staining process is complete.

Small Compact Size

The GramPRO 1™ is small enough to fit on most lab counter tops. Fits near most microscopes and sinks. The elongated waste tube allows for waste to be contained or disposed down the sink.

Easy Maintenance

It’s as simple as the push of a button. GramPRO 1™ has built-in simplified cleaning procedures for ease of use. No more messy sinks and stained counters! The instrument prompts the user when maintenance is required and gives step-by-step instructions.

Probond Slides
GramPRO Tubes
System Cleaner

Reagent Kit for GramPRO 1

Self-contained and convenient Gram staining reagent kit for the GramPRO 1. Will stain approximately 110 slides. Perforated box top allows easy access to insert reagent tubing. Each kit will stain approximately 110 slides

Kits contains One 500ml Bottle of: Crystal Violet, Safranin, Acetone Alcohol, and Gram’s Iodine

PROBond Slides

Chemically treated and positively charged microscope slides for use with GramPRO automated slide stainers. Provides superior adhesion of the specimen to the slide. Prevents sloughing off of the specimen which can lead to clogging and/ or cross contamination. Features a hydrophobic painted rectangle which keeps the specimen within the required boundaries. The dotted line designates the lower limit if a patient ID label is to be affixed to the slide. Required to be used with the GramPRO 1 Automated Slide Stainer.


Replacement Tubing Kit

The GramPRO 1 requires a pump tube replacement every 1,100 cycles. The unit will prompt operator when the tubing needs to be changed. The kit comes with eight (8) pump tubes and registration numbers that can be entered under the consumables menu of the unit. Complete instructions on installation can be found in the GramPRO 1 user’s manual. Installation of the replacement tubes can be completed in just a few minutes.

System Cleaner

This product is used on the GramPRO 1 Scrub feature which is to be performed twice a month or every 300 slides. The product will clean the GramPRO 1 Crystal Violet, Grams Iodine and Safranin lines from the reagent cannulas throughout the system including tubing elbows, pump tubes, stainless fitting ports, machined ports and the photo optics windows on the cuvette.


Gram's Iodine, Stabilized

Stabilized Grams iodine is used to prevent biofilm buildup in the deionized rinse water supply for the GramPRO 1. Ten drops of iodine are added to each gallon of rinse water.


Cuvette Swabs, 6" Spatula Foam Swab

Helps maintain a clean and lint-free cuvette. Occasional swabbing of the cuvette swabs is required to maintain accurate decolorization. Foam tipped swabs are best for use with the GramPRO 1 since they absorb stain residue, but don’t leave behind lint that could lead to drain clogs. 100 swabs per pack


QSlide™ PROBond Slide

GramPRO 1 Gram stain QSlide™ PROBond slides are prepared from standard stock ATCC quality control organisms. The Gram positive organism is Staphylococcus aureus. The Gram negative organism is E. coli. These slides are intended to be used in conjunction with the GramPRO 1 and for manual staining.

Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)

it is required that methanol fixation be used for clinical specimens or QC slides in preparation for the manual Gram stain or for slides run on QuickSlide™ automated Gram slide stainers. Heat fixation is highly discouraged as it causes distortion of the cells and sloughing off of the specimen from the slide, which can lead to clogging of the lines and cross-contamination.


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