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Our Green Efforts


The Green Efforts at Hardy Diagnostics has a central goal in mind: to reduce energy at our facilities and to conserve the natural resources of our planet. Here are some of our recent projects…

Green Efforts: Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Lighting – All older lights have been replaced with new high-efficiency T5 or T8 fluorescent lights with parabolic reflectors.

Green Efforts: Small Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and LED Lighting – Old light bulbs (incandescent and halogen) have been replaced with low-wattage Compact Fluorescent or LED bulbs wherever possible.
Green Efforts: Recycling Initiative
  • Recycling Initiative – All paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, and scrap metal are collected and returned to a recycling center.
Green Efforts: Occupancy Sensor
  • Occupancy Sensors – Occupancy sensors have been installed in all restrooms, so lights turn on only when needed.
Green Efforts: Skylight
  • Skylights – Natural sunlight through skylights and solar tubes are used wherever possible in the office areas. Skylights have a reflective film to keep out 90% of the heat.
Green Efforts: Recycled Paper Packaging
  • Paper Packaging Material – Recycled, biodegradable, non-bleached paper is used for cushioning in our outgoing packages.
Green Efforts: High Efficiency Air Compressor

Air Compressors – We have switched to a single large high-efficiency rotary screw air compressor for significant electrical savings.

Green Efforts: Energy Saving Awnings

Awnings – Installed on all south facing windows.

Green Efforts: Occupancy Sensor

Reflective Roof Surface – Roofing has been re-surfaced with a highly reflective white membrane system, reducing building heat load.

Green Efforts: UV Reflective Film

Reflective Film – South facing windows have a film that reflects over 90% of the sun’s rays.

Green Efforts: High Efficiency HVAC

Heating and Air Conditioning – All HVAC units have been replaced with high-efficiency models, using less power.

Green Efforts: On Demand Water Heater

On-Demand Water Heaters – Wherever possible, in-line water heaters are used that turn on only when hot water is needed.