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Our Green Efforts


The Green Efforts at Hardy Diagnostics has a central goal in mind: to reduce energy at our facilities and to conserve the natural resources of our planet. Here are some of our recent projects…

Green Efforts: Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Lighting – All older lights have been replaced with new high-efficiency T5 or T8 fluorescent lights with parabolic reflectors.

Green Efforts: Small Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and LED Lighting – Old light bulbs (incandescent and halogen) have been replaced with low-wattage Compact Fluorescent or LED bulbs wherever possible.
Green Efforts: Recycling Initiative
  • Recycling Initiative – All paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, and scrap metal are collected and returned to a recycling center.
Green Efforts: Occupancy Sensor
  • Occupancy Sensors – Occupancy sensors have been installed in all restrooms, so lights turn on only when needed.
Green Efforts: Skylight
  • Skylights – Natural sunlight through skylights and solar tubes are used wherever possible in the office areas. Skylights have a reflective film to keep out 90% of the heat.
Green Efforts: Recycled Paper Packaging
  • Paper Packaging Material – Recycled, biodegradable, non-bleached paper is used for cushioning in our outgoing packages.
Green Efforts: High Efficiency Air Compressor

Air Compressors – We have switched to a single large high-efficiency rotary screw air compressor for significant electrical savings.

Green Efforts: Energy Saving Awnings

Awnings – Installed on all south facing windows.

Green Efforts: Occupancy Sensor

Reflective Roof Surface – Roofing has been re-surfaced with a highly reflective white membrane system, reducing building heat load.

Green Efforts: UV Reflective Film

Reflective Film – South facing windows have a film that reflects over 90% of the sun’s rays.

Green Efforts: High Efficiency HVAC

Heating and Air Conditioning – All HVAC units have been replaced with high-efficiency models, using less power.

Green Efforts: On Demand Water Heater

On-Demand Water Heaters – Wherever possible, in-line water heaters are used that turn on only when hot water is needed.

Hardy completed its solar panel project for two of its buildings in Santa Maria, CA during the month of February. This large array consists of almost 700 panels and is the largest solar project in Santa Maria. It will provide the majority of the power needs for both of the buildings!