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Equipment Demonstration Request – Wizard

Equipment Demonstration - Wizard CompactDry Reader


    This demonstration equipment agreement (the AGREEMENT), as of the date set forth below, between Hardy Diagnostics™ (COMPANY) and CUSTOMER (identified below), sets forth the terms and conditions for the loan of the products or parts listed below (the EQUIPMENT). This equipment is provided for the sole purpose of demonstration and evaluation by the CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER hereby agrees that the loan of such EQUIPMENT shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:
    1. 1. Upon receipt of EQUIPMENT, the CUSTOMER will verify the working condition of EQUIPMENT and agree to contact the COMPANY Product Manager immediately if the EQUIPMENT is not in good working order.
    2. 2. The CUSTOMER will abide by the mutually agreed upon demonstration timeframe. Unless other arrangements have been approved by COMPANY, the CUSTOMER will ship the instrument(s) and related accessories back to COMPANY by the due date indicated on included Packing List, using the shipping labels provided by the COMPANY.
    3. 3. EQUIPMENT not returned within agreed upon time frame will result in the unit being billed to CUSTOMER at the regular published list price.
    4. 4. EQUIPMENT returned to COMPANY must be in the same working and physical condition as it was at the time the EQUIPMENT was delivered to the CUSTOMER by the carrier:
      1. a. Use the original packaging, both inside and outside.
      2. b. All returns must be complete with manuals, cables, and any accessories received with original shipment.
      3. c. EQUIPMENT must be clean, per provided protocol, and free from signs of visible damage.
      4. d. Use the shipping label provided for the EQUIPMENT return. If there is no shipping label, please contact COMPANY so that COMPANY may forward one.

    If the EQUIPMENT is not returned in good condition, the CUSTOMER will be liable to the COMPANY for the amount necessary to restore the EQUIPMENT to its original condition. If the EQUIPMENT is not restorable, it is the COMPANY’S sole discretion to determine replacement cost, which will not exceed the retail value of the EQUIPMENT.
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  • Upon submission, a copy of this form will be emailed to the address provided.