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Show Everyone You Have Culture…

Show Everyone You Have Culture…

If you were on the internet a few months ago, then you more than likely saw this photo. The woman behind this image is Tasha Sturm, a Laboratory Technician for Cabrillo College and became, seemingly overnight, a sensation because of her love of microbiology. The image went viral on social media and news channels. Overnight, microbiology seemingly captured the attention of the world.  She took the sample hand print from her eight year old son after he was playing outside. She used a Kirby Bauer plate (15 x 150 mm) with TSA (tryptic soy agar) and simply incubated it for forty eight hours to allow for growth. The reaction was overwhelming. People were intrigued and disgusted at the same time which is a typical knee jerk reaction from most who have never experienced Microbiology. To many, this was something relate-able yet foreign in many ways. In many ways, all of the bacteria and molds makes something as basic as a hand print and remakes it into this spectacular show piece of living art.

Tasha is a customer of ours here at Hardy Diagnostics and we were ecstatic when she reached out to us about a new project. This one is something you will actually want to be on your skin. She has turned her amazing photo into a T shirt. There are two ways to order this:

The Cabrillo College Bookstore is taking orders directly and you can email Linda Cullens at: [email protected]
Visit where you can order online or call them at (916) 386-2665

Thanks again to Tasha Sturm for adding a little culture to our everyday life.

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