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September, 2021
Hans Christian Gram, credited as the inventor of the Gram staining technique, was a pioneering biologist who devised the system of classification which led to as many as 30,000 formally named species of bacteria being investigated. Gram, working with German pathologist and microbiologist Karl Friedländer, devised the technique in Berlin in the early 1880s. Today marks... Read more »
August, 2021
In 1884, Danish microbiologist Hans Christian Gram discovered that crystal violet irreversibly stained certain bacteria but can be washed from others. The Gram stain technique identifies bacteria as gram-positive (the stain is retained) or gram-negative (the stain is washed away.) Gram found that his stain worked for visualizing a series of bacteria associated with disease... Read more »
February, 2017
Microbiologists are a very opinionated group of individuals, and it is, at times, difficult to get consensus and standardization on certain procedures. Whether to heat fix or methanol fix slides in preparation for Gram staining is one of those controversial procedures. It was never fully documented as to why one method would be superior over... Read more »